Course Introduction

This Communication Skills for Managers course has been designed to support managers develop their hiring process and become self-assured at handling those tough and emotionally demanding interviews like discharges and disciplinary interviews. The training course is designed for those managers who want to know how to appoint the best fit for their business. By using talents tests, all skills-based hiring errors can be removed, and therefore interviews can be planned around hiring for cultural fit and coachability. If your delegate has the right attitude for your business and the critical skills that the role demands, then they can be coached to expand their level of knowledge and develop into an indispensable asset for your company.

  • Interview people with confidence

  • Manage the recruitment process effectively

  • Know the right questions to ask

  • Understand methods for making ideal job reports

  • Adjust our proven 4-step process for efficiently preparing for each work interview — from analysing the resume to selecting the questions to identify areas to probe, to sufficient certification

  • Controlling the talent of inquiring and investigating

  • Evaluate the legal factors that every executive should know

  • Understand best practices for behavioural questioning

  • Know how to spot red flags and risk marks

  • Increase the information to avoid common errors

  • Contribute in role-playing exercises to test your skills

  • Contribute in role-playing exercises to test your skills

  • Profit from our Real Job Interviewing Guidebook and Interview Guide system that allows you to make customised workbooks for each interview — complete with your selected skills, questions, areas to probe, and evaluation criteria

  • Contribute in role-playing exercises to test your skills

  • Profit from our Real Job Interviewing Guidebook and Interview Guide system that allows you to make customised workbooks for each interview — complete with your selected skills, questions, areas to probe, and evaluation criteria

What's included


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As such there are no essential requirements for the course interview skills for managers.

What Will You Learn

  • Invite aptitude through advanced job sources
  • Engage in and handle face-to-face interaction
  • Develop an interviewing plan and to start and finish an interview
  • Uncover the areas in which the interviewee needs improvement and has strengths
  • Make real and easy interview planning stages
  • Found a choice standard for employment
  • Conduct a goal-directed interview and expose more comprehensive data about the candidate
  • Implement consistent enrolling, transmission and hiring procedures
  • Know and obey with EEO and lawful rules and procedures
  • Understanding Interview Dynamics
  • Getting the Most of your Interview Preparation
  • Making the Right Chief, Additional or Third Impression
  • Learning how to Tackle Interview Nerves
  • Feeling at Home in the Interviewing Arena
  • Taking Care of the Interviewer
  • Becoming a Covered 'Story-Teller
  • Understanding the Dynamics Around the Table
  • Dressing for Interview Success
  • Handling Difficult Interview Questions
  • Handling Rejection
  • Sharpening up your Personal Interviewing Style
  • Elucidate how the competency-based interview fits into the general appointment course
  • Recognise the assets and boundaries of a meeting
  • Practice inquiring and searching skills to reveal behavioural sign
  • Shape relationship during an interview and clarify why this is significant
  • Assess applicants to make fair, objective and valid selection decisions
  • Practice interviewing skills and receive feedback
  • How to design and conduct a reasonable, organised interview
  • To increase your effectiveness by learning an interview model and format to use each time you talk
  • To become accomplished at searching and obtaining more authentic evidence and less prepared responses
  • To improve your interviewing services with right practice during the platform
  • Different hiring procedures with a detailed study of the behavioural method to quizzing
  • To define job necessities and conditions to contest your business, purpose and a visible position
  • The right queries to ask by learning how to develop effective targeted questions to identify the best-qualified applicant
  • How to securely and correctly grip subtle areas that will keep you out of “hot water”

Who should take this course

All those who are responsible for recruitment and selection of staff within the organisation. This course is aimed at executives who may have accountability for a team of persons or an individual, and therefore the prerequisite or desire to delegate work. All people managers and Human Resources professionals who participate in the hiring process.


Owners continuously face the dare of employing the “right” employees. It is vital to appoint the best persons who can produce the outcomes you want. By using means and methods taught in this course, members will improve an increased success ratio in selecting the best applicant for the work; that match the skills, abilities, and situation for the employing manager, their department, and the company. This practical, interactive program is a straightforward, practical, and direct approach to interviewing. This program is exclusive in that it allows members to take with them any recent starts they may have and utilize them as the foundation for learning skills throughout the course.

This approach has proven to be extremely useful, as it allows members to use actual, live, on the job “data” throughout their understanding experience. At the end of the course, using this tactic, members will have an interview pack they can use directly to interview their next applicant. Upon completion of this program, members will be skilled in conducting an effective employment interview and better able to improve the quality of their hiring decisions.


Course Content

1 - Fundamentals of interviews

  • Importance of interviewing skills
  • Identifying types of interviews
  • Understanding pre-employment testing
  • Success factors
  • Identifying success factors
  • Defining a job
  • Analyzing and establishing the culture
  • Writing success factors
  • Using the Success Factor Worksheet
  • Finalizing success factors

2 - Planning and preparing

  • Planning for an interview
  • Analyzing a candidate’s resume
  • Identifying lead questions
  • Identifying sample point questions
  • Preparing an agenda
  • Customizing an interview
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Making the office
  • Ensuring privacy
  • Defining personality styles

3 - Handling and conducting

  • Handling an interview
  • Identifying types of candidates
  • Understanding the importance of silence
  • Doing an interview
  • Opening the interview
  • Gathering information
  • Closing the interview
  • Taking notes
  • Identifying Effective communication techniques

4 - Evaluating and deciding

  • Evaluating a candidate
  • Identifying types of bias
  • Evaluating a candidate
  • Making a decision
  • Ranking a candidate

5 - Following up

  • Following up after an interview
  • Finding the appropriate candidate
  • Identifying steps to follow up
  • Understanding self-evaluation

6 - EEO guidelines

  • EEO guidelines
  • Understanding EEO laws
  • Conducting pre-employment inquiries
  • Identifying general principles
  • Identifying critical EEO terms
  • Non-discriminatory interview questions
  • Identifying appropriate questions
  • Disqualifying candidates

7 - Federal laws

  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Understanding Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Understanding reasonable accommodation
  • Identifying key points
  • Identifying permitted and prohibited questions
  • Answering questions
  • Immigration Reform and Control Act
  • Hiring employees
  • Understanding the Form I-9


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