Course Introduction

Exceptional Customer Service course is supreme in today’s modest market. During this hands-on, related and pertinent unique customer service training delegate search what he does and what he should do to delight his consumer base. In today’s marketplace, customers can communicate with delegate through some options – facial communication, telephonic conversation, email contact and web chatting. This exceptional customer service training explores these channels with the aim of providing you with a toolkit to manage each client involvement aptly.

The training is usually custom-made business training to make sure a fully joined learning experience where delegate can share real-world circumstances and solutions. These training courses also enable individuals to share their valuable experience and best practice across a more extensive range of startups. With the help of this training course, the delegate will become client-centric, get to know your customer's point of view and their expectations to make a difference!

  • Build positive and productive customer relationships

  • Provide outstanding customer service

  • Exceed customer expectations

  • Make good will by understanding customer needs

  • Look and feel great by staying energised, active and in control

  • Sharpen your communications skills, skills that can be better over a lifetime

  • State what customer service means all your customers

  • Connect effectively with clients by phone and email with correct etiquette

  • Recognise how your attitude affects customer service

  • Understand and deal with demanding clients, offences, threats and complaints

  • Use exceptional customer service to produce return trade

  • Know and utilise spoken and unspoken interaction

  • Progress in their organisation through customer service success

What's included






Tutor Support


As such, there are no pre-requirements for this course

What Will You Learn

  • How best to alter and differ your service approach based on client need and type
  • Classify diverse customer needs and circumstances rapidly and efficiently
  • Know how to accomplish customer prospects and deliver more than you promise, reliably and purposely
  • Maintain a positive attitude through the day and develop your service skills to a new level of expertise
  • Satisfy objectors, calm upset customers and regain goodwill
  • Be able to describe and measure client service using benchmarking, net promoter scores, KPI’s and customer feedback
  • State what customer service means all your customers, both internal and external
  • Recognize how your attitude affects customer service
  • Identify your customer’s requirements
  • Offer excellent customer service over the phone
  • Connect with customers through online tools
  • Utilize exceptional client service to produce return corporate
  • Build good will through in-person customer service
  • Deal with hard users
  • Know consumers practices and take possession
  • Use service skills to develop consumer practices more active
  • Resolve objections and other needs to stop negative practices
  • Offer GEMs that Go the Extra Mile for customers to create experiences that joy
  • Improve teamwork, ownership hand-offs, and shared solutions to ensure seamless, positive customer experiences
  • Provide a clear understanding of a “Customer-Conscious Attitude”
  • Identify who your customers are and what they
  • Use tools provided in this workshop to improve your customer
  • Discuss the importance of standards and measurements
  • Create skills needed for an exceptional customer service culture
  • Create the values, schemes, and services that can make every customer feel esteemed – facial communication, on-line communication, by email contact or on the telephonic chatting
  • Use a variety of best-practice client service methods, tools and skills to distinguish your facility and joy every customer first time, every time
  • Gain valuable insights into consumer concerns and handle complaints
  • Respond appropriately to the emotions of clients and endorse value-building answers
  • View issues from the perspective of the user and foster lasting, positive customer relationships
  • Set values for all current and future CSR employees to guarantee reliable behaviors
  • Decrease CSR revenue due to burnout and emotional overload
  • Learn how to get the maximum of in-home and facility based care providers, including strategies to lead a care team and professional advisor meetings
  • Make strategies and learn best practice techniques to facilitate the client outcomes you are expecting
  • Develop teams that work
  • Understand to do more than monitor care – enhance it!

Who should take this course

All the staff members who are accountable to convey service to others – customers, clients or internal customers should attend this course.


A customer service executive of the corporate, Participants is likely to handle customers interactions in the best possible way. The hopes of both delegates company and clients hinge on his ability to offer the correct service in the right way possible. In this course, the candidate will get the opportunity to explore the background and methods of customer communications. Exceptional customer service ensures that every single contact with delegate’s business is a useful experience. Clients can range from external consumers to private employees in any department.

Understanding how to offer the same level of service to all customers will augment your time spent at work by establishing positive business rapport. Recognising critical points throughout customer interactions increases your capability to solve problems and offer positive solutions. Applying this information to trends in exceptional customer service and consumer desires allows you to contribute to the company’s lowest line and make a client’s life a little easier.


Course Content

Understanding Customer Service

  • Describe Customer Service
  • Identify Customer Expectations
  • Commit Yourself to Providing Excellent Customer Service

Focusing on the Customer

  • Create a Positive First Impression 
  • Identify and Help Meet the Customer's Needs
  • Create a Positive Last Impression

Handling Complaints

  • Make it Easy for Customers to Complain
  • Resolve the Problem
  • Cope with Upset and Difficult Customers

Delivering Excellent Customer Service on the Telephone

  •   Answer the Telephone
  •   Project a Positive Image Using Your Voice
  •   Transfer Calls
  •   Take Meaningful Messages 

Dealing With Stress

  • Describe Stress
  • Take Preventive Measures
  • Overcome Stress

Managing the Customer's Initial Contact

  • Accept a Customer Contact
  • Address a Customer's Emotional State
  • Address Your Emotional State

Addressing Customer Issues

  • Assess Customer Issues
  • Develop Solutions
  • Negotiate to Reach a Solution

Closing Communications

  • Upsell Additional Products
  • Conclude Customer Contact
  • Follow Up
  • Release Stress


Exceptional customer service Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
Exceptional customer service 1 day Bristol
Exceptional customer service 1 day Sheffield
Exceptional customer service 1 day London
Exceptional customer service 1 day Cardiff
Exceptional customer service 1 day Virtual
Exceptional customer service 1 day Birmingham
Exceptional customer service 1 day Belfast
Exceptional customer service 1 day Maidstone
Exceptional customer service 1 day Cambridge
Exceptional customer service 1 day Virtual

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