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Six Sigma is a technique that is used to improve various processes within an organisation. Six Sigma validates individuals with skills to identify errors in a business process and eliminate them. The certification exams are quite difficult and that is why a Six Sigma Professional stands above even those who have achieved practical knowledge from years of experience within the organisation. This certification comes in various skill levels – Yellow BeltGreen BeltBlack Belt and Master Black Belt. 

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Why should I take Six Sigma Training Courses?

  • The professionals in an organisation who are Six Sigma certified can help in removing errors from the processes 
  • The Six Sigma professionals help to sustain quality improvement within the organisation
  • Six Sigma professionals are wanted across all the industries globally
  • Six Sigma professionals get the knowledge to compute and calculate financial gains
  • Professionals who have attained Six Sigma certifications can ensure compliance with international standards. This leads to increase in profits
  • Individually, a Six Sigma professional gains the skills that are required to lead teams and develop managerial skills as well
  • Better chances of promotion and higher perks are other benefits that a Six Sigma professional can achieve
  • Last but not the least, the Six Sigma professional automatically gains experience in Quality Management

What are the benefits of Six Sigma Training Courses?

Both the individual and the organization that employs the Six Sigma Certified Professional stand to gain from Six Sigma. This is how:

Individual Benefit

  • A Six Sigma Certification added to a resumé proves their commitment to improving the business shrewdness and analytical skill. To be precise, a Six Sigma certification makes the recipient stand out from the others
  • The Six Sigma professionals can easily target better jobs and high salaries
  • With Six Sigma procedures familiar to such professionals, they can be used to enhance the organization’s profits and indirectly improve employee buy-in, all of which leads to a better bottom line
  • A Six Sigma Black Belt level training educates the professionals on the methodologies of Six Sigma and prepares them to become change agents within their organization
  • Achieving Six Sigma Black Belt status can open the doors for promotion into upper management, as well as improve your chances of obtaining a job with a different employer should you want to leave your current position

Organisation Benefits

  • Customer Satisfaction - As Six Sigma methodologies help to apply processes that are streamlined, it would result in the production of a better product. This lead to more satisfied customers and increased revenues
  • Customer loyalty -  Satisfied customers are customers who will stay loyal to a brand and return to make future purchases as long as the product remains consistent in its quality
  • Word of Mouth - Happy customers mean good word-of-mouth and also customers returning for more, all of which translates into a better revenue stream.  If publicly held, this can also mean a rise in share prices
  • Employee satisfaction - Unlike companies where management often goes hay and wire, Six Sigma provides ways to clarify and streamline the message. Improved results can create a sense of companionship that leads to even more good results going forward
  • Better partnerships - Whenever a company does well, other companies associated with it can see improvements, as well. This can lead to long-term partnerships as well as have other companies adopt similar Six Sigma strategies for their companies

Why choose Maven Training?

Delegates prefer to train at Maven Training because of various reasons:

  • Best Training Provider in all domains
  • Certified Trainers / Instructors who also have Practical Experience
  • Interactive sessions during the course help remove the delegates doubts

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