Course Introduction

ITIL® Service Lifecycle - Continual Service Improvement course is one of the five lifecycle modules that fit into the intermediate stream for ITIL® certification. This course is intended to enable the holders of the ITIL® Foundation certificate in IT service Management for acquiring the skills needed to start the practical application of the concepts covered during the course. This module focuses on the methods and techniques from the Continual Service Improvement stage of ITIL® Service Lifecycle. Our trainer will make the training very interesting by giving real world examples to the delegates.

  • Get immersed in the overall concepts, processes, and methods associated with continual service improvement phase of the service lifecycle

  • Learn to manage and control the activities and techniques within the CSI stage

  • Learn how to measure CSI performance

  • The delegates will get course completion certification at the end of the course

  • Our ITIL® courses are accredited by PeopleCert

  • We offer our clients special offers and services along with fulfilling the requirements during the ITIL® course

What's included


Exam(s) included


Key Learning Points


Pre Course Material


The professionals who want to attend this course must hold ITIL® Foundation Certification.

What Will You Learn

  • Obtain the knowledge on concepts and terminologies of ITIL® Service Lifecycle
  • Learn to improve the quality of IT services within the organisation
  • Understand the processes, functions, and activities involved in CSI
  • Discover the roles and responsibilities that are needed for CSI in the Service Lifecycle

Who should take this course

  • The professionals who want to enhance the quality of IT service provision within an organisation
  • The IT professionals who want to enter in Continual Service Improvement environment and also wants to have details understanding of the processes, functions and activities involved in it


Maven Training’s ITIL® Service Lifecycle - Continual Service Improvement certification is intended to provide knowledge about the plan, strategy, design, transition and operation stages of the ITIL® Service Lifecycle. Our experienced instructor will also provide guidance on how the organisational process should be organised and executed for better productivity. During the training, the delegates will learn about various tools and techniques used to support CSI activities. Learn to evaluate and critical success factors within the organisation.

This certification includes management and control of activities and techniques within the Continual Service Improvement phase of the ITIL® Service Lifecycle. But it doesn’t provide full detail of each supporting process. Continual service Improvement practices help the organisation to continue to meet and adapt to the changing needs of end users as well as improving efficiency and returns on investment for organisations.


  • Each delegate will have to pass an examination that will be conducted at the end of the training to measure comprehension of the body of knowledge. The exam consists of 8 Multiple Choice, scenario based Questions (MCQ’s). For MCQs, four options will be provided, out of which one would be the correct answer. Delegates have to identify the correct answer and proceed to next questions.
  • One will need to have 70 percentage marks to clear the exam. Our trainers will make sure that the delegates have gone through all the concepts of the subject so that they can easily clear the exam in the first attempt.
  • The exam is 90 minutes, and one needs to complete all questions within this period only. It will be closed book exam.
  • The language used in the exam would be English. In case, someone is not comfortable with English; we can try to provide the exam in another language by consulting our trainer. Selection of language depends upon the comfort of the trainer.
  • All other details regarding exams will be provided during the training by our experts.


Course Content

An Introduction to CSI

  • Scope and goals of CSI
  • Objective and purpose of CSI
  • How to embed CSI into organisational processes
  • How to create business value
  • CSI approach

Principles of Continual Service Improvement

  • Establish accountability
    • Define unambiguous ownership and roles
    • Support CSI application and register
    • Service Level Management and CSI
  • Provide adequate governance
    • Knowledge management
    • Apply or implement CSI with the Demand cycle
    • Service Measurement
    • Ensure effective governance with CSI
    • Support CSI with frameworks, models, standards and quality systems

The seven –step improvement process

  • Determine what to measure
    • Define what to measure
    • Conduct gap analysis
  • Gather Data
    • Data processing
    • Analysing data
    • How to present and use the information?
    • Implement corrective actions
    • Integrate CSI with the other stages of the lifecycle

Methods and Techniques

  • Activities for delivering CSI
    • Perform gap analysis
    • Implement benchmarking
    • Design and Analyse service measurement frameworks
    • Create ROI (Return on Investment)
    • Articulating service reporting
  • Key metrics
    • Technology metrics
    • Process metrics
    • CSFs and KPIs
    • Service metrics
    • Initiating a SWOT analysis
    • Measure benefits to the business
  • Support CSI activities
    • Availability Management
    • Capability Management
    • IT Service Continuity Management
    • Problem Management
    • Knowledge Management

Organisation and Technology Considerations

  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Organisational structure supporting CSI
  • Specify tool requirements for implementation success
  • Automated incident and problem resolution
  • Statistical analysis tools
  • Business intelligence and reporting

Implementing Continual Service Improvement

  • Key considerations
    • Analyse the starting point
    • Relating role of governance
    • Determine the effect of organisational change
    • Construct a communication strategy and plan
  • Implementation Challenges and risks
    • Establish critical success factors
    • KPIs
    • Develop risk-benefit analysis


ITIL® Service Lifecycle - Continual Service Improvement Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
ITIL® Service Lifecycle - Continual Service Improvement 3 days Leeds
ITIL® Service Lifecycle - Continual Service Improvement 3 days Reading
ITIL® Service Lifecycle - Continual Service Improvement 3 days Birmingham
ITIL® Service Lifecycle - Continual Service Improvement 3 days Bristol
ITIL® Service Lifecycle - Continual Service Improvement 3 days Brighton
ITIL® Service Lifecycle - Continual Service Improvement 3 days Belfast
ITIL® Service Lifecycle - Continual Service Improvement 3 days Aberdeen
ITIL® Service Lifecycle - Continual Service Improvement 3 days Milton Keynes
ITIL® Service Lifecycle - Continual Service Improvement 3 days Maidstone
ITIL® Service Lifecycle - Continual Service Improvement 3 days Liverpool

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