Topic Introduction

Programme management involves management of various interrelated projects whose outcomes will benefit the organisation. It contributes to achieving goals of an organisation. Programme management also allows the organisation to start, define and terminate programmes and also to achieve the vision of an organisation. Effectively manage projects and also realise the connection between different projects in the program. Learn to manage projects in such a way that will avoid interference from one project to another.

Effectively manage resources among programmes and allocate resources among the projects accordingly. Manage risks, issues as well as changes to the programmes efficiently.

APMP Training

Our APMP training covers various topics like budgeting and cost and conflict management, leadership, communication and understand about value management and so much more that are necessary to monitor and control the project.

MSP training

MSP® stands for Managing Successful programme provides a set of programme management techniques or practices for successful delivery of transformational change by implementing programme management.

PMP Training

PMP is an approach for project management which is based on the core practices and areas of project management as described in the PMBOK® Guide.

Other training offered are Risk Management and Value Management.

  • Gain Programme Management Certification and open a world of opportunities

  • Learn to apply Programme management methodologies in a programme of any type or size

  • Add valuable asset to your resume by achieving any programme management certification

  • Manage programme effectively and collaborate with other team members

  • The course is delivered by certified and highly experienced instructors

  • Maven Training offers flexible learning environments and ensures value for money

Programme Management Courses

Course Information

Why should I take Programme management?

The programme manager is responsible for monitoring multiple projects and implementing strategies. Various teams are involved in programme management. This training is intended for delegates involved in large scale projects and needs to adopt MSP, Agile Approach, etc. for programmes. Enhance level of knowledge and gain understanding of programme management domains and apply relevant methods to make programmes successful.

What are the benefits of Programme management?

Enhance effectiveness of organization and its approach to programme management. Start and organise large-scale programme for implementing business strategy. Manage relationships with stakeholder effectively. Manage, execute and control programs comprising of various related projects.

Develop and implement project management methodologies to align with organisational strategy. Use a systematic approach for analysing as well as planning project. Understand the importance of leadership skills and develop effective communication techniques. Select and apply proper project monitoring and control methods. Achieve strategic goals of an organisation and improve management of projects. Effectively manage resources among different projects, manage risks, issues and changes across Programme properly.

Why choose Maven Training?

At Maven Training, the delegates and instructors work together to impart required skills and help to adopt new techniques for effective programme management. Our instructors are highly qualified and well-experienced industry experts with 5+ years of experience. Proper 24/7 support is provided by instructors to get most out of training. The course is delivered by instructors providing real-world and practical examples. Maven Training offers Programme Management training courses at an affordable price.

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