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The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification is an exceptional way to understand a basic awareness of project management and how projects differ from activities. Our APMP training covers a wide range of topics like budgeting and cost management, conflict management, communication, leadership, earned value management and so much more that are necessary to monitor and control the project.

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Course Information

This course is planned to provide delegates with an introduction to the key concepts in project management. The study manual for this certificate will be provided to all delegates, and it will be their personal copy for future reference.  After the training, delegates will be able to successfully build, plan, manage and execute a project plan for an organization.

Now delegates can improve their competence and knowledge in Project management techniques, and establish the ability to handle complex project challenges with confidence.

Execution of strategy

What is APMP Training?

APMP Training is a knowledge based training developed by APM (Association for Project Management) that allows delegates to learn about the understanding of all elements, their interaction and how the project fits into the commercial and strategic environment in the organization.

It is a practical course for project managers or members of project teams and also those who aspires to be project managers. It wants a better understanding of the processes, tools, and language of project management. Delegates will also be ready to correctly assess the project success criteria and benefits while preparing the required project documentation.

Why should I take APMP Training?

This training is demanding in the domain of Project Management. Delegates will understand about how to handle the project, and make a budget. It will develop your knowledge and understanding outside then PRINCE2®, to help to make you active and capable project professional. It makes you deliver project success in vital areas such as budgeting and cost management, teamwork and conflict management.

What are the benefits of APMP Training?

In this course, delegates will know about a personal commitment to a career and profession and Improve business development capabilities. Delegates will also learn about how to creates a focus on best team practices and gain the respect and credibility of peers, clients, and organizational leaders and, in some cases, additional compensation.

Benefits of taking this course are:

  • Define criteria for project success and its benefits
  • Understand the roles of project management
  • Apply project management planning
  • Describe project scope management
  • Support and contribute to a successful outcome of project
  • Apply International Project Management Standards to real-world situations

Why choose Maven Training?

Maven is known as one of the best training providers delivering expertise in the required domain. Maven Training is known as the best training Provider in all domains. The delegates have imparted the knowledge at Maven Training from Certified Trainers / Instructors who also have Practical Experience. We offer best price and services in the industry as we value money.

Interactive sessions during the course help remove the delegates doubts and make them ready to solve any problems they may face – theoretically or practically.

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