Course Introduction

MSP® Foundation course is designed to help delegates break organizational structure into smaller and more manageable sizes to implement best practices in program management. In this course learn MSP® framework which gives strategic outcomes and realize its significant benefits. MSP® framework is based on three major concepts:

MSP® Principles

  • They are based on positive and negative feedback from experienced programme managers.

MSP® Governance Themes

  • It helps program managers to structure the organization program management approach.

MSP® Transformational Flow

  • It provides clear path for start to conclusion of programmes.

During the course also attain the required skills and knowledge needed to manage various projects which will suit senior project managers and programme managers. After clearing this MSP® Foundation exam, delegates will be eligible to give MSP® Practitioner exam.

  • Understand basic principles of MSP® Foundation

  • Our well qualified and highly experienced MSP® certified trainers would train delegates

  • Maven Training offers this course at an affordable price

  • Get the skills to make use of Managing Successful Programmes methodology in programmes

  • Enhance earning potential by gaining this certification

  • PeopleCert fully accredits MSP® Foundation course by Maven Training

What's included


Tutor Support


Key Learning Points


Exam(s) included


Exam Prepration Tips




  • Working in a senior position and responsible for business change with the help of programs and projects
  • Project managers who just started working in Programme Management

What Will You Learn

  • Learn to identify and make use of MSP® processes, governance themes and principles for managing the programme
  • Understand the benefits of using a consistent and a well-structured approach to programme
  • Ensure that the projects align with the concepts of MSP®
  • Enhanced competence which will enable delegates to deliver programmes more successfully
  • Achieve the strategic objectives of the organisation
  • Get sufficient knowledge required to take foundation exam
  • Apply the MSP® concepts learnt to their own organisation or into own programme management
  • Get the ability to interact efficiently with the programme board as well as members of programme
  • Learn to identify the major difference between a project and a programme
  • Successfully plan and control programmes
  • Manage strategic programmes for better outcomes
  • Understand when to use MSP® programme management framework
  • Learn ways to use programme management for successful planning as well as delivery of programmes
  • Know about the area of change and how that change occurred
  • Understand programme management environment
  • Understand roles and responsibilities of Programme Manager
  • Learn features of different types of situations
  • Know about benefits of applying MSP® concepts to management of programme
  • Manage quality and resolve issues
  • Manage business case and risks associated
  • Prepare well for the foundation exam with the help of our instructors

Who should take this course

Following mentioned delegates who wish to develop understanding of Programme management and want to give MSP® Foundation exam can enroll in this course:

  • Senior Project Managers
  • Programme Managers
  • Portfolio And Programme Management Office Managers
  • Business Change Managers
  • Managers Belonging To Other Fields.
  • Change Managers
  • Programme Sponsors
  • Project Sponsors
  • Senior Managers­­­­
  • Senior Executives
  • Programme Office Team Members
  • Project Delivery Team Members
  • Business Change Team Members
  • Business Change Managers 
  • Senior Responsible Owners (Sro's)




Maven Training’s MSP® Foundation course covers entire syllabus of MSP® foundation and prepares delegates for Foundation exam. Its aim is to make sure that the delegate get adequate amount of knowledge required to interact efficiently with other members involved in programme management and act as an active member of team. Understand the MSP® core principles and terminology of MSP®.

It makes use of proven best techniques drawn together from years of experience. Get knowledge of MSP® principles, governance themes, and transformational flow process to plan, direct, manage, support and deliver programs successfully. MSP® provides a consistent approach to all industry sectors for program management. MSP® helps to make use of organizational resources in a better way. It also provides a better approach for business, program management and also regulating change risk.

Understand clearly roles and responsibilities by eliminating useless efforts across the organization while still ensuring that the stakeholders are completely engaged. MSP® enabled efficient delivery of change and also much smoother transition from present business to future business model.


Maven Training’s MSP® Foundation exam has the following structure:

  • Duration of the exam is 60 minutes (1 hour)
  • It is a multiple choice question paper, and MSP® Foundation exam will be held on the third day
  • Five questions are given for trial which is not scored
  • The number of questions is 70 that are counted to calculate exam mark
  • It is a closed book exam
  • 50% score is required to achieve MSP® Foundation Certification


Course Content

Introduction to MSP®

  • Programme Management Principles
  • MSP structure and philosophy
  • Define programme

MSP® Governance Themes

  • Organisation
  • Vision
  • Leadership and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Benefits Realisation Management
  • Blueprint Design and Delivery
  • Programme Planning and Control
  • The Business Case
  • Risk Management and Issue Resolution
  • Quality Management

MSP® Transformational Flow

  • Identifying a Programme
  • Defining a Programme
  • Managing the Tranches
  • Delivering the Capability
  • Realising the Benefits
  • Closing a Programme
  • Programme Office
  • Communicate and envision for better future

MSP® Foundation Exam Preparation

  • MSP® Foundation Exam
  • Summary and Next Steps


MSP® Foundation Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
MSP® Foundation 3 days Dublin
MSP® Foundation 3 days Nottingham
MSP® Foundation 3 days Virtual
MSP® Foundation 3 days London
MSP® Foundation 3 days Birmingham
MSP® Foundation 3 days Liverpool
MSP® Foundation 3 days Newcastle
MSP® Foundation 3 days London
MSP® Foundation 3 days Leeds
MSP® Foundation 3 days Edinburgh

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