Course Introduction

MSP® stands for Managing Successful Programmes, and it offers us a very well structured approach for managing various programs. Leading practitioners worldwide collaborated and developed this using their practical experience and skills. This technique reflects the best practices for managing programs which are accessible to anyone working in the real world. MSP® is an internationally recognized methodology. In this MSP® Foundation and Practitioner course, delegates will get the skills required to make use of MSP for managing programs confidently.

During the course, learn to coordinate with program projects to ensure that resources and risk management, change management and issue management is properly implemented. MSP® Foundation acts as a primary level and prerequisites for Managing Successful Programmes® Practitioner. MSP® Practitioner is a part of Best Management Practice Portfolio. It also serves as a follow-up on Managing Successful Programmes® foundation and a prerequisite for Managing Successful Programmes® Advanced Practitioner. 

  • Learn various methods for effective Management of projects

  • Understand about MSP principles, governance themes and transformational flow

  • PeopleCert accredits maven training's MSP Foundation and Practitioner

  • Our well qualified and MSP certified trainers helps delegates to understand MSP methodology elaborately

  • Prepare well for the Foundation and Practitioner exam

  • Instructors will teach according to the latest concepts

  • Gain the certification and enhance your potential

What's included


Exam(s) included


Key Learning Points


Tutor Support




  • Delegates must possess experience of leading or managing projects
  • Must have good working knowledge of program management
  • Also, possess a high intermediate level of English
  • Understanding of issues surrounding business change
  • Pass the foundation examination first to attempt Practitioner exam later
  • Having knowledge of PRINCE2® project management methods is beneficial but not mandatory

What Will You Learn

  • Ensure that program investment is in place with strategic needs to deliver value
  • Lead the changes in an organisation by managing multiple stakeholders and complex tasks
  • Using MSP transformational flow plan and control programs
  • With the help of tools in MSP’s benefits management theme, deliver improvements
  • To provide new capabilities, learn to manage multiple projects
  • Reduce risks and issues arising at the program level
  • Understand environment of programme management and features of different types of programmes
  • Learn to apply MSP guidance for programme management of transformation change and its related benefits
  • Understand thoroughly about seven MSP principles, nine governance themes and six transformational flow processes
  • Understand additional value which brings as a result of managing mentioned changes as MSP programme
  • Understand the relationship between different aspects of MSP®
  • Learn the activities that should be done during each process of transformational flow along with accountabilities and responsibility of every role
  • Know which management products act as input and then what is the output
  • Identify and communicate with each other for better future
  • Prepare well for the MSP® Foundation as well as MSP® Practitioner exam

Who should take this course

Below mentioned delegates can enrol in this course:

  • Project Managers
  • Project Support Staff
  • Business Managers
  • Project Sponsors
  • Account Managers
  • Project Directors
  • Business Strategists
  • Consultants
  • Operational staff
  • Experienced Project Managers
  • Program office team members
  • Business change team members
  • Project delivery team members
  • Program managers



This MSP® course is developed to enable delegates to understand and apply MSP® techniques to pass the exam. Become specialized in working with other organizations and individuals to understand how MSP® works and efficiently merge it into existing structures as well as processes of the organization. This Maven Training’s accredited course is aimed to teach delegates the basics of good program management along with the Principles, Transformational Flows and Governance Themes as described in the MSP® approach. Prepare well for the Foundation and Practitioner examination that will be held in this course.

It also explains roles and responsibilities of program management to advance your ability to engage and meet the client’s business requirements. With the help of this training, utilize the management skills properly, improve adaptability as well as flexibility when working in an ever-changing program environment.


In this exam MSP® Foundation and Practitioner exam two exams will be conducted:

Foundation exam:

  • In this, there will be 75 multiple choice questions, including five trial questions which are not counted during the last checking
  • The time limit is 1 hour
  • Passing score is 50%

Practitioner exam:

It makes use of objective testing which is also a type of multiple choice questions format.

  • The time given is two and a half hours
  • A number of questions are 80
  • Passing score is 50%

*After completing 4 days of classroom training and successfully passing your MSP® Foundation Exam, the fifth day of this course is a flexible exam preparation day to complete at your convenience in order to prepare you to take and pass your MSP® Practitioner exam online.

We provide comprehensive support during the exam process to make the experience as simple as possible. This exam can be taken at a suitable time, subject to availability; online, anywhere.

Benefits of MSP® online exams include:

  • Proven higher pass rates
  • Quicker Results
  • Save Travel Costs
  • Flexibility
  • Convenient
  • Take your exam at your home, office, or work when you are ready 


Course Content

Build programme lifecycle

  • Design programme team
  • Understand how leaders lead team
  • Draft a programme brief
  • Engage stakeholders
  • Communications in programme
  • Issue and risk management
  • Quality of final product
  • Plan, track and control progress in programme
  • Present programme definition
  • Controlling changes
  • Management of new business capability developing

Program Management Processes

  • Identify programme
  • Define and Govern programme
  • Manage benefits
  • Close programme

MSP® structure and philosophy

  • Explain programme
  • Relationship between MSP principles, governance themes and transformational flow

MSP® Principles: Common factors that support the success of any transformational change. Derived from negative and positive lessons learned from programme experiences.

  • Remaining aligned with corporate strategy
  • Leading change
  • Envisioning and Communicating a better future
  • Focusing on benefits and threats to them
  • Adding value
  • Designing and delivering a coherent capability
  • Learning from experience

MSP® Governance themes – Define approach of the organisation to programme management and allow the organisation to put in place everything for getting successful.

9 MSP governance themes

  • Organization
  • Vision
  • Leadership and stakeholder engagement
  • Benefits management
  • Blueprint design and delivery
  • Planning and control
  • Business case
  • Risk and issue management
  • Quality and assurance management

MSP® Transformational flow - Provide way through programme lifecycle from conception to delivery.

The 6 MSP®  Transformational Flow Processes

  • Identifying a programme
  • Defining a programme
  • Managing the tranche
  • Delivering the capability
  • Realising the benefits
  • Closing a programme


MSP® Foundation & Practitioner Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
MSP® Foundation & Practitioner 5 days London
MSP® Foundation & Practitioner 5 days Leeds
MSP® Foundation & Practitioner 5 days Virtual
MSP® Foundation & Practitioner 5 days Virtual
MSP® Foundation & Practitioner 5 days London
MSP® Foundation & Practitioner 5 days Aberdeen
MSP® Foundation & Practitioner 5 days Virtual
MSP® Foundation & Practitioner 5 days London
MSP® Foundation & Practitioner 5 days Glasgow
MSP® Foundation & Practitioner 5 days Virtual

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