Course Introduction

MSP® course provides you with a thorough skills to manage programs in line with tactical aims of a business and its day to day running. MSP® Managing Successful Programmes creates a structured framework for organizations of all sizes and from all sectors to improve practices, offer better amenities and more efficiently prepare for the future. It is a best practice guide that delivers and maintains a strategic view over the set of projects, aligning and organizing them within a program of business change in support of specific business strategies.

  • PeopleCert fully accredits MSP courses

  • All our instructors are licensed project and programme managers who gives high MSP pass rates

  • These certified MSP courses include course material, manuals, Exams and Certificates

  • This Training session delivered by Highly Experienced MSP Instructors

  • Getting a certification always increases your value and helps in getting a hike in salary

  • Know and apply any part of the MSP procedure model to any programme

  • Analyse application stakeholders

  • Prepare key application documents

  • Recognise the need for programme management and how the MSP basis helps active application management

  • Understand and use techniques for the administration of risks and benefits

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Delegates must have successfully passed MSP® Foundation exam.

What Will You Learn

Learn how to:

  • Understand the facts, terms, and models relating to each theme
  • Understand the responsibilities involved in each control item use and tailor the relevant aspects of each managing problem to a given scenario
  • Appreciate how each management theme is applied throughout the transformational flow
  • Implementing the principles of MSP® to an application within a work environment
  • Operate effectually with colleagues and managers within a structured agenda and project management environment
  • Provide delegates with an understanding of the benefits and values primary a structured approach to programme management
  • Participants will show their ability to define the need for application management
  • Describe the overall responsibility of the application team
  • Describe the essential importance of the Governance Themes
  • Determine the role of applications in distributing business alteration
  • Allow delegates to understand the MSP® framework to be equipped to sit the APM Group MSP® Foundation and Practitioner exams
  • Identify, analyse and distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate application of each control subject in a particular scenario use of MSP® in an exam environment
  • Recognise the Programme Management scenery
  • Understand and implement the structure and principles of MSP
  • Apply understanding of MSP and programme management to answer MSP Practitioner exam questions
  • Contents of Practitioner Paper including Scenario, Question and Answer Booklets
  • Understand and apply the process model and themes of MSP
  • Work within the principles of Programme Management
  • Introduced the Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) Framework change
  • Ensure clear and lucid announcement with participants at all levels
  • Follow and apply the moralities of risk management and application level value
  • Understand the significance of configuration management
  • Implement the plan and the vision, while gaining an understanding of how they can be best applied in the given situation
  • Implement control measures to check the progress of the programme
  • Identify when using the Programme Management context and slant
  • Recognize how to use Programme Management for successful preparation and delivery of such programmes

Who should take this course

  • Programme Board Members
  • Programme or Portfolio Support Staff
  • Senior Project Board Members
  • Programme Managers
  • Aspiring Programme Managers


MSP® Foundation and Practitioner course provide the ability to accomplish the company business objectives. It offers a best practice guide on Programme Management which familiarizes participants with a set of Values and Processes to follow while managing a program. This course is highly flexible and relevant for modern businesses, thus providing a real-world approach to successful program management.

Exam Duration: 3 Hours

  • Closed-book
  • Out of 16 questions, 10 essay-based questions to be answered. Each question is of 50 marks
  • The passing marks are 275 out of 500 (55%)


Course Content


  • Principles of MSP®
  • Governance Theme
  • Organisation
  • Vision Leadership and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Transformational Flow Overview
  • Identifying a Programme
  • Defining a Programme
  • Introduction to Programme Management
  • Managing Successful Programmes Overview
  • Management Themes
  • Transformational Flow and Key Products
  • Managing the Tranches
  • Delivering the Capability
  • Realizing the Benefits
  • Identifying a Programme
  • Defining a Programme
  • The Transformational Flow
  • Benefits Realisation
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management
  • Closing a Programme
  • Benefit Realisation Management
  • Blueprint Design and Delivery
  • Planning and Control
  • The Business Case
  • Risk Management and Issue Resolution
  • Quality Management
  • Managing the Tranches
  • Delivering the Capability
  • Realizing the Benefits
  • Closing a Programme
  • Tailoring MSP® to the Programme Environment

The Governance Themes:

  • Organization
  • Vision
  • Planning & Control
  • Business Case
  • Risk & Issue Management
  • Leadership & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Benefits Realisation Management
  • Blueprint Design & Delivery
  • Quality Management

The Transformational Flows:

  • Identifying a Programme
  • Realizing the Benefits
  • Managing the Tranches
  • Closing a Programme
  • Defining a Programme
  • Delivering the Capability

The 7 MSP® principles

  • Remaining aligned with corporate strategy
  • Leading change
  • Envisioning and Communicating a better future
  • Focusing on benefits and threats to them
  • Adding value
  • Designing and delivering a coherent capability
  • Learning from experience

The 6 MSP® Transformational Flow Processes

  • Identifying a program
  • Defining a program
  • Managing the tranche
  • Providing the capability
  • Realizing the benefits
  • Closing a program

The 9 MSP® governance themes

  • Organisation
  • Vision
  • Leadership and stakeholder engagement
  • Benefits management
  • Blueprint design and delivery
  • Planning and control
  • Business case
  • Risk and issue management
  • Quality and assurance management


MSP® Practitioner Upgrade Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
MSP® Practitioner Upgrade 5 Days Newcastle
MSP® Practitioner Upgrade 5 Days Virtual
MSP® Practitioner Upgrade 5 Days London
MSP® Practitioner Upgrade 5 Days Canterbury
MSP® Practitioner Upgrade 5 Days Chelmsford
MSP® Practitioner Upgrade 5 Days Chorley
MSP® Practitioner Upgrade 5 Days Guildford
MSP® Practitioner Upgrade 5 Days Ipswich
MSP® Practitioner Upgrade 5 Days Leicester
MSP® Practitioner Upgrade 5 Days Oxford

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