Course Introduction

AgilePM® is a registered trademark of Dynamic Systems Development Method Ltd. All rights reserved.Engage in the purposeful training to get proficiency in basics of Agile methodology. The Agile certification empowers delegates to implement Agile methods in the project environment. The experienced instructors teach candidates the best ways of an Agile approach. The Agile training is proposed for the project managers.

Grasp the sufficient expertise in the Agile framework. The course outlines the essential tools and rules for Agile adoption. The key learning points are provided along with the Foundation which equips candidates to perform best in their organisation. The delegates will get knowledge in DSDM Agile Project Management framework.

  • Gain proficiency in Agile methodology with certified instructors

  • Accomplish the desired earning potential with Agile Foundation status

  • Guaranteed best price in the industry

  • Empower to work on different Agile projects

What's included


Key Learning Points


Tutor Support


There are no requirements for Agile training.

What Will You Learn

The delegates will get to learn about:

  • How to create an Agile project?
  • How to assign roles in An Agile team?
  • Management of Solution Development teams
  • The communication between investors in a project environment
  • Identification of risks for project delivery using Scrum Agile approach

Who should take this course

The recommended persons for the basic Foundation course are the project managers.


The Agile Project Management (AgilePM®) Foundation course comprises the in-depth knowledge of foundation level of Agile. It includes the determination of Philosophies, principles and project variables. The candidates will get explicit knowledge on identification of risks and lifecycle planning.


It includes:

  • 60 questions per exam
  • Passing marks are 50%
  • Exam duration is 1 hour

Proof of identity:

Delegates must have official photo ID (passport, driving license, and student card) on APMG exam. The supervisor will check the identity proofs before the exam. The candidates should be familiar with the APMG Terms and Conditions of Certification.


Course Content

Foundation Preparation

  • An introduction to Agile
  • The Agile objectives
  • Analysis of 12 principles of Agile
  • The reason for the Agile success
  • Classifying Philosophy, Principles, and Project Variable
  • An introduction to Agile Project Management(AgilePM®)
  • Applying DSDM methodology
  • The approaches and products of DSDM
  • An Overview of Prioritisation and Timeboxing

  • Analysis of Lifecycle planning and control
  • The summary of Iterative Development, Facilitated Workshops, Modelling and Prototyping


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