Course Introduction

PRINCE2® is a structured approach for effective project management. The purpose of PRINCE2® is to provide a framework for managing activities within the project of any category in any environment.

PRINCE2® is recognized as a standard which is widely used in the UK as well as internationally private sector. PRINCE2® Overview course provides an introduction to methods for project management. Understand about concepts, process model and how these can be incorporated in a project environment.

  • PRINCE2® is widely used Project Management approach all over

  • Understand ways to implement a PRINCE2® methodology in a project environment

  • Our well qualified and PRINCE2® certified instructors will train delegates

  • Enhance knowledge of project management by gaining this certification

  • PRINCE2® overview course helps delegates understand the overall aspect of project management

  • Maven training offers this course at an affordable price and one of the most active providers of this certification

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  • This course has no prerequisites. However, some experience of working in project management environment can be beneficial but not mandatory.

What Will You Learn

  • Thoroughly understand PRINCE2® project management approach which will help in saving effort as well as time
  • Enhance awareness of responsibilities and roles of delegates involved in project management lifecycle
  • Make use of available resources, assess the project work, troubleshoot and perform audits
  • Make sure stakeholders like project sponsors take part in planning as well as decision-making
  • Effectively engage stakeholders in the process of project management and approval
  • Understand the ways to manage projects and work in PRINCE® environment
  • Ensure that the team members comply with the business case objectives
  • Enhance consistency and ability to reuse the assets of the project
  • Reduce the impact of changes
  • Develop plans and reports to meet requirements at every level of the project
  • Improve communication among the project team members
  • Allow improvements by reviewing existing projects
  • Understand PRINCE® terminology which is common in every project
  • Improve focus and organizational culture

Who should take this course

PRINCE2® Overview course is intended for delegates interested in gaining knowledge about PRINCE2® methodology including project managers, project team members, project support teams and managers belonging to other domains who want to enhance their understanding of PRINCE2® can enroll into this course. Delegates who are new to project management and want a brief introduction to principles of PRINCE2® can take this course.


PRINCE2® defines series of processes, principles, themes and techniques that can be used for managing any project. Get an overview of the process as well as the product based approach of PRINCE2® and understand how it adds value while execution of projects.

This course covers a broad range of topics and also includes the practical application of methods used in PRINCE2®. With the help of this course, gain opportunities to understand purpose and nature of PRINCE2® and explore how PRINCE2® can be used in own projects.



Course Content

Module 1

  • Why PRINCE2®?
  • Why is PRINCE2 used as a project management approach?
  • Organisation benefits of using PRINCE2®
  • Roles and responsibilities of Project Manager

Module 2

  • PRINCE2® structure and characteristics
  • PRINCE2® scope
  • Process model
  • Control components
  • Adapting PRINCE2® according to needs
  • Controlled Start

Module 3

  • Project organization
  • Essentials of Business Case
  • Risk Management
  • Stages for management
  • Planning product delivery
  • Involvement of project board
  • Controlled progress

Module 4

  • Define authority
  • Product delivery control
  • Change control
  • Quality control
  • Controlled close
  • Process of project closure

Module 5

  • Key features of PRINCE2®
  • Project scenarios
  • Write project brief
  • Key elements of project life
  • Project startup
  • Overview of product based planning
  • Quality management

 Module 6

  • Controls and reports
  • Configuration management
  • Controlling a stage
  • Manage delivery of product
  • Quality in a Project Environment
  • Closing a Project

Module 7

  • Benefits of PRINCE2®
  • Project management principles
  • Working in a PRINCE2® environment


PRINCE2® Overview Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
PRINCE2® Overview 1 day London
PRINCE2® Overview 1 day Manchester
PRINCE2® Overview 1 day Birmingham
PRINCE2® Overview 1 day Leeds
PRINCE2® Overview 1 day Bristol
PRINCE2® Overview 1 day Reading
PRINCE2® Overview 1 day Edinburgh
PRINCE2® Overview 1 day Glasgow
PRINCE2® Overview 1 day Southampton
PRINCE2® Overview 1 day Canterbury

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