Course Introduction

PRINCE2® Practitioner is the second level after the PRINCE2 Foundation. Maven Training's PRINCE2® Practitioner course enables delegates to learn advanced PRINCE2® concepts for smooth running and managing of projects within a PRINCE2® supporting environment. After getting qualified delegates will be able to adapt PRINCE2® into the organisation according to the requirements of specific projects. In this course, get detailed knowledge of PRINCE2® principles, processes, themes and PRINCE2® products. 

The purpose of PRINCE2® Practitioner qualification to make sure that the delegates have achieved an adequate amount of knowledge as well as understanding to apply and tailor PRINCE2® in projects. Achieve the PRINCE2® certification which is widely recognised as essential for managing projects using PRINCE2®.

Maven training’s PRINCE2® Practitioner course make use of best learning methods to impart project management skills to delegates and capability to make use of these skills in projects within the organisation in an appropriate way. PRINCE2® Practitioner certification will also enhance your chances of getting more opportunities as the organisations also want project managers holding PRINCE 2 Practitioner Certification.

  • Get a thorough understanding of PRINCE2® techniques and enhance overall knowledge

  • Prepare well for the PRINCE2® Practitioner exam

  • Highly experienced and PRINCE2® certified trainers will teach delegates

  • PeopleCert accredits this PRINCE2 Practitioner course

  • Successfully manage the projects and pass PRINCE2® Practitioner certification

  • Maven training offers this course at an affordable price

What's included


Tutor Support


Key Learning Points


Exam Prepration Tips




Exam(s) included


For sitting in PRINCE2® Practitioner exam delegates must have certification of one of the following:


What Will You Learn

  • Learn to implement PRINCE2® processes, principles and themes in various environments
  • Plan effectively using Product Based Planning
  • Perform risk analysis and management in a project environment
  • Implement configuration management and change control in PRINCE2® projects
  • Control and manage the complete project throughout its life cycle
  • Become a member of Project management team
  • Understand techniques and concepts of PRINCE2® Practitioner thoroughly
  • Get active preparation level to clear PRINCE2® Practitioner exam
  • Enhance skills for applying various elements of PRINCE2® realistically in projects
  • According to PRINCE2® methodology plan, control and close the projects
  • Understand practical application of PRINCE2®
  • Develop various PRINCE2® management products which relate to project scenario
  • Understand relationships between PRINCE2® themes, processes, principles and products
  • Apply PRINCE2® concepts to current running projects within the PRINCE2® supporting environment
  • Tailor PRINCE2® according to the problems and requirements of specific projects

Who should take this course

Maven training’s PRINCE2® Practitioner course is intended for aspiring Project Managers. Other staff involved in plan, design, development and delivery of projects including Senior Project Board Members, Team Managers, Delivery Managers, Project Assurance, Project support, Project, and Programme office personnel and operational staff can enroll in this course.

Delegates holding PRINCE2® Foundation certificate can take this course to familiarize themselves with the PRINCE2® Practitioner principles for managing projects. Delegates interested in working with projects and wish to understand controlled approach for managing projects. Other delegates who will get benefit from this PRINCE2® Practitioner course is:

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Leaders
  • Team Members


The purpose of the practitioner level is to confirm you have achieved sufficient understanding of how to apply and tailor PRINCE2 in a project scenario. This Maven training’s course explains various benefits of PRINCE2® methodologies and also the best way to achieve PRINCE2® Practitioner certification. Our highly qualified and PRINCE2® certified instructors help delegates prepare for the exam and clear it.

PRINCE2® Projects in Controlled Environment Foundation level is used to improve project management skills whereas PRINCE2® Practitioner certification enhances the skills needed to manage projects and mitigate associated risks efficiently.




Maven Training’s PRINCE2® Practitioner exam have the following structure:

  • Exam is Objective testing
  • Per question 8-10 questions are given and each score one mark
  • For clearing PRINCE2® Practitioner exam, 44 marks or more required out of 80 available that is 55%
  • Duration of PRINCE2® Practitioner exam is Two and a Half hours that is 150 minutes and no additional reading time is provided
  • It is an open book exam


Course Content

In this PRINCE2® Practitioner course get in-depth knowledge of these following topics:


  • Overview of PRINCE2®
  • Management stages
  • Process-based approach
  • Scope and risks faced by projects

Introduction to PRINCE2® themes

  • Structure approach to managing projects
  • Project success criteria
  • Model of PRINCE2® method
  • Elements of PRINCE2® principles

Business case

  • What is the business case?
  • Outcomes and outputs of business case
  • Benefits and disadvantages
  • Developing and verifying business case
  • Maintaining business case
  • Confirm benefits
  • Benefits Review Plan


  • Definition
  • Levels of organisation
  • Project assurance and support
  • Link management in organisation
  • Structure of Project Management team
  • Project board and Project team
  • Roles and responsibilities of project managers
  • Stakeh0lder management
  • Communication management


  • Project planning
  • Levels of project plans
  • Exception plans
  • Product-based approach to planning
    • Describe Project Product
    • Create the product breakdown structure
    • Write the product descriptions
    • Create the product flow diagram
  • Project Product Description
  • Product Breakdown Structure
  • Product Flow Diagram

PRINCE2® Project planning

  • Monitoring and Controlling Progress
  • Management and Technical Stages
  • Tolerance and Raising Exceptions
  • Report progress
  • Baselines for Control


  • Configuration and Change Management
  • Change Control procedure
  • Configuration Management Procedure
  • Strategy for Configuration Management
  • Handle changes
  • Protect and track products


  • Define Quality
  • Quality Audit trial
  • Quality criteria
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Quality Management Strategy
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Controls
  • Quality Review


  • Identify risk
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Management in Projects
  • Risk Management Procedure
  • Risk Budget

Starting up a project

  • Purpose of starting project
  • Design and appoint project management team

Directing project

  • Purpose
  • Set up project controls
  • Manage product delivery
  • Manage stage boundary
  • Planning to next stage

Closing a project

  • Purpose of closing project
  • Prepare for closure plan
  • Tailor PRINCE2® to project environment


PRINCE2® Practitioner Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
PRINCE2® Practitioner 2 Days London
PRINCE2® Practitioner 2 Days London
PRINCE2® Practitioner 2 Days Manchester
PRINCE2® Practitioner 2 Days Birmingham
PRINCE2® Practitioner 2 Days Leeds
PRINCE2® Practitioner 2 Days Reading
PRINCE2® Practitioner 2 Days Belfast
PRINCE2® Practitioner 2 Days Norwich
PRINCE2® Practitioner 2 Days Cambridge
PRINCE2® Practitioner 2 Days Sheffield

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