Course Introduction

Grasp the sufficient expertise in the Scrum methodology. The Scrum Master Training empowers delegates to understand Scrum values, practices and applications. The participants will deeply get knowledge about the project management concepts. This Scrum Certification training teaches the best way of project management. The advanced Primavera is a much-sought course as it empowers delegates for Scrum team work. After attending the training, the delegates will learn how to save work from internal and external distractions. The experienced instructors teach candidates with good content quality.

The Scrum Master course is proposed for the Project Managers, Scrum Team Members, and Product Owners Training. By undergoing the Scrum Master exam, the candidates will get accomplishment in advanced thinking for servant-leadership and behavioral shifts. The key learning points are provided along with the Scrum course which helps candidates to perform best in their organization.

  • Leverage the Scrum framework with Lean methods

  • Use particular way of Scrum rather than traditional project management

  • Become expertise by learning with certified instructors

  • Get bigger hike with marvelous status

What's included


Exam(s) included




Key Learning Points


There are no as such prerequisites required to attend the Scrum certification.

What Will You Learn

By undergoing the Scrum training, the delegates will get intense knowledge in the following:

  • Intense understanding of Agile and its emergence within time.
  • Working with Scrum
  • Understanding of Scrum implementation, principles, roles, rules and ceremonies.
  • The Scrum process
  • Formation of self-organizing and cross-functional teams for achieving organization goals.

Who should take this course

The Primavera project planner training is designed for the following professionals:

  • Scrum Team Members
  • Project Managers
  • Functional Managers
  • Delivery Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners


The Scrum Master Certification course equips organization to think in particular way rather traditional project management way. The Scrum course will make candidates understandable about the essential Scrum principles. By undergoing this training, the delegates will learn about options, their methods, and effects that a manager needs for stakeholder dealing, product owners, and team members.


Course Content

An overview of Agile Principles & Scrum

  • Using principles of Agile
  • Using lean methodology and principles
  • Understanding process control models
  • Analysis of incremental and iterative methods
  • Shifting the focus on product management
  • An overview of  Scrum process

Understanding working of  efficient Teams

  • An overview of dedicated cross-functional teams
  • An overview of Self-Organization
  • Introducing T-shaped people

An overview of Product Backlog and User Stories

  • The Features of Product Backlog
  • Understanding user stories
  • Getting the first backlog

Estimating for Forwarding planning

  • Why comparative estimation works?
  • Planning Poker

Product Backlog Items

  • Getting backlog items ready
  • Slicing User stories

Sprint Planning

  • Team capacity
  • Facilitating the sprint planning meeting
  • The Sprint backlog
  • Sprint Burndown chart

The Sprint

  • Understanding the meaning of Done
  • How the team should work in a sprint  
  • Tools for the Scrum Master
  • Sustainable Pace

Scrum Roles and Responsibilities

  • Building effective teams
  • Scrum Master Responsibilities
  • Product Owner Responsibilities
  • The Scrum Project Community
  • Traditional roles in Scrum

Scrum Meetings

  • Reviews
  • Retrospectives

Release Planning and Tracking Progress

  • Velocity
  • Release Planning
  • Tracking release progress

Scaling Scrum

  • Scrum of Scrums
  • Scaling the product backlog
  • Scaling across a program and business areas
  • Distributed Teams


Scrum Master Certification Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
Scrum Master Certification 2 days London
Scrum Master Certification 2 days Manchester
Scrum Master Certification 2 days Virtual
Scrum Master Certification 2 days Virtual
Scrum Master Certification 2 days Bristol
Scrum Master Certification 2 days Newcastle
Scrum Master Certification 2 days Virtual
Scrum Master Certification 2 days London
Scrum Master Certification 2 days Leeds
Scrum Master Certification 2 days Virtual

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