Course Introduction

Engage in the Scrum Product Owner Training to learn Scrum methodology, practices and principles. The Scrum methodology empowers delegates to fulfill the Product Owner role. The Product owners are the professionals who are near to the business side of an organization. The Scrum training provides the expertise to stay best in the organization as a Product Owner. The primary goal of po is to bring the product to the market and concern about the performance of the product. All the stakeholders are to be satisfied during the product launch by the po.

The Scrum certification is designed for the Sponsors, Stakeholders, Product Managers, and Business Analysts. The experienced instructors teach candidates with good content quality. Grasp the sufficient expertise in the Scrum methodology. The Scrum Product Owner Training permits delegates to achieve the wealth of advanced topics.

  • Equips to launch the Product successfully

  • Hands-on the Scrum methodology

  • Become the certified Product Owner

  • Get expertise and stand out the competition

  • Guaranteed best price in the industry

  • Engage with recognised Scrum experts

What's included


Key Learning Points


Tutor Support


There is no prerequisite required prior attending this training course, but the understanding of Scrum principles is recommended.

What Will You Learn

The Scrum po course prepares delegates with the following concepts:

  • The Scrum methodology, principles and its working
  • Analysis of the product vision
  • The expanding of backlogs
  • Understanding of agile framework
  • Determination of Product Owner roles

Who should take this course

The Scrum Owner course is intended for the Sponsors, Stakeholders, Product Managers and Business analysts.


The agile product owner course provides the Scrum certification to use its methods and principles for their organization. The candidates will be able to manage a variety of projects efficiently. The course equips candidates to learn about Scrum practices and Agile framework. Delegates will learn about the product owner roles.


Course Content

An overview of Scrum

  • Introduction of core Scrum
  • Agenda and history of Scrum
  • Working and need of Scrum
  • The benefits of Scrum
  • Role of Product Owner
  • The responsibilities of a Product Owner
  • Need of Product Owner in an organization
  • The Scrum framework and roles

The Product Vision

  • What is product Vision?
  • The techniques and its benefits
  • What are the queries?
  • The expectations from the Product Owner

The Summary of Backlogs

  • The concept of expanding the user stories, roles, and backlogs
  • The maintenance of backlogs
  • Need of Product Owner presence in planning meetings
  • Describing Scrum framework and roles
  • Reviewing and Organising the product backlog
  • Distinguishes the failure of upfront thinking and emerging suppliers

An overview of Agile

  • An Introduction to Agile
  • Analysis of Kano analysis
  • The summary of Theme screening and Theme scoring
  • An overview of Innovation Games and priority poker
  • Analysis of Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, and Sprint Review
  • Ordering Release Burndown and Progressing Release Plans

The Product Owner Role

  • Analysis of the Scrum Communication Model



  • Working with the team
  • Story Writing Principles


Scrum Product Owner Training Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
Scrum Product Owner Training 2 days Maidstone
Scrum Product Owner Training 2 days Virtual
Scrum Product Owner Training 2 days Belfast
Scrum Product Owner Training 2 days Reading
Scrum Product Owner Training 2 days Virtual
Scrum Product Owner Training 2 days Nottingham
Scrum Product Owner Training 2 days London
Scrum Product Owner Training 2 days Virtual
Scrum Product Owner Training 2 days Liverpool
Scrum Product Owner Training 2 days Glasgow

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