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CISSP stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. It is an independent security certification. It is globally recognised in IT security. In 1988, the requirement endorsed for the standardised program that should deliver demonstrated competence. In 1990, the formation of the common body of knowledge (CBK) took place.

The CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional delivers expertise to adequately prepare for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional exam with a complete knowledge of the 8 CBK domains. The CSSLP certification equips delegates for the Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional exam. The course provides the knowledge of software lifecycle phases.

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CISSP Training Courses

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What is CISSP Training Courses?

The Maven’s CSSLP Boot Camp training is the best training to validate person’s ability in integrating security in lifecycle phases. The CISSP Training courses include the Certified Information Security Professional course, its weekend course, residential course and CSSLP Boot Camp course. The experienced instructors provide the clear understanding of the concepts which equips candidates for the CISSP exam.

The participants can leverage their skills and accomplishments in their workplaces after attending this training.  The course delivers candidates with the knowledge and expertise to complete the CISSP exam, which makes them to Certify Information Systems Security Professional status.

What are benefits of CISSP Training Courses?

The candidates should attend the course due to following factors:

  • The delegates should take the CISSP training as it is universally recognised. The CISSP certified are respectful people by big companies such as Google and IBM.
  • The CISSP has been most popular IT security certification for more than two and half decades.
  • The CISSP training is recognised as brand-daddy of certifications. It equips with vast expertise and skills.
  • The CISSP professionals take 25% salary hike than their current non-certified.
  • It is an essential domain in an organisation. The authorised persons will find their status bigger compared to non-certified individuals.
  • It provides stability to the Job Status.
  • The security course prepares to handle any security threat to IT infrastructure of an organisation.
  • During hiring the security professionals, the particular kind of skills are required. The CISSP training courses provide that kind of competencies.
  • As the web attackers are cracking the IT systems with a faster pace, so there is need to detect and identify and defend against those attacks. So the role of a security professional is not luxurious, but they are at a premium.

Why choose Maven Training?

  • Maven is the best training provider as it delivers the expertise and accomplishment in required domain. The instructors are the experienced and certified ones. Working with them, the delegates will get best support and skills. The Maven’s CISSP training provides the solution to many problems which IT professionals face in the industry.

  • The team will preserve the track record on work-related the performance of the mentors. Maven training’s portal provides support and will be available for 24*7 for the assistance. The team is supportive enough to answer the queries. It handles all the doubts before, during and after the completion of the course.

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