Course Introduction

Engage in the globally trusted Network + certification. The certification includes the knowledge to design, manage and troubleshoot the wired and wireless networks.  The delegates will get expertise in the network skills. The Network training is a big stepping stone of IT career. The candidates will gain the sufficient knowledge in the field of networking which they can successfully use in their organization.

It includes the knowledge of networking architecture, operations and security. By undergoing the course, the candidates will learn about the troubleshooting and management.

  • Gain proficiency in Network essentials with certified instructors

  • Accomplish the desired earning potential with certified CompTIA Network Certification

  • Guaranteed finest price in the industry

  • Recognize detection and prevention of attacks

What's included


Key Learning Points


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  • The delegates must have certified the CompTIA Network + certification
  • The candidates should have basic knowledge of Ethernet, TCP/IP, routers, and switches
  • The candidates should know about the authentication, security policy, encryption, and firewall

What Will You Learn

The candidates will learn about the following:

  • Describe the network communication methods
  • Define the network media and hardware modules
  • Classify the main types of network operations
  • Define the first services organized on TCP/IP networks
  • Classify the mechanisms of a LAN operation
  • Describing troubleshooting of issues on a network
  • Regulate the substructure of a WAN implementation
  • Classify the devices of a remote network application
  • Find the major issues and methods to secure systems on a network
  • Classify the biggest problems and skills in network security
  • Categorize network security pressures and attacks
  • Define the tools, methods, and practices used in the management of a system

Who should take this course

The CompTIA Network + certification is designed for the following persons:

  • IT Experts
  • IT aspirants


The CompTIA Network + training provides candidates with the knowledge on the network media and hardware module. The candidates will learn about the various network operations, elements of a LAN implementation and deployed services on the TCP/IP networks. The Network training offers concepts such as remote network application, security threats and attacks.


Course Content

Module 1: An overview of Topologies and Infrastructure

  • What is signaling?
  • Describe Media Access Control
  • Introducing Ethernet Frames
  • What are Legacy Ethernet Standards?
  • Describe Modern Ethernet Standards
  • Define MAC Addressing
  • What is Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)?
  • Understand the Protocol Analyzers
  • What are Data Link Layer, Network Layer, and Upper Layers?
  • An overview of OSI Model
  • Describe Ethernet
  • Define Media Types and Modulation
  • The summary of Topologies and the OSI Model
  • The Structures of Networks
  • Discuss Customers and Servers
  • What are Network Topologies?
  • Describing OSI Model and Corporal Layer

Module 2: The summary of Addressing and Routeing

  • The overview of if config / IP config
  • IP Routing Basics Overview
  • Specify ICMP and ping
  • What is Internet Protocol?
  • Describe Subnet Masks

Module 3: An Overview of Troubleshooting and Management

  • Transport Protocols Overview
  • A summary of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
  • Define TCP/IP Ports
  • Use of Netstat

Module 4: Installation Process

  • Identify Installing Cable
  • What is Twisted Pair Cable (UTP / STP / SCTP)?
  • Explain Twisted Pair Connectors
  • How wiring Tools and Techniques are used?
  • What are cable testing and troubleshooting?
  • An introduction to Network Sites and Wiring Distribution
  • Define Rack Systems
  • Need of Safety and ESD
  • Managing Power
  • Set HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)
  • What are Physical Security Controls?
  • An overview of Fire Prevention and Suppression
  • Use of Fibre Optic Cable and Connectors
  • What are Media Converters
  • Finding and solving Fiber Cable Problems
  • The Wireless Networks installation
  • What are wireless standards (IEEE 802.11)?
  • Discuss wireless network
  • Plan of Wireless Site
  • Apply position surveys and Antenna Placement
  • Managing Wireless Links
  • What is Virtual Private Networks (VPN)?
  • Differentiate between PPTP and SSL VPNs
  • What is IP Security (IPsec)?
  • What are Modern Telecommunications Networks?
  • The summary of Packet-switched WAN Services
  • An overview of Local Loop Services
  • Describe Wireless WANs, WAN Technologies, and basics
  • What is Telecommunications Networks and Remote Access
  • Specify Remote Access Services (RAS) and Remote Access Servers
  • Managing Remote Access Links
  • Troubleshooting WAN Disputes

Module 5: The Summary of Security

  • An introduction to Wireless Security
  • Describe the Network Attack Plans
  • Renunciation of Service
  • What are Security Applications?
  • Segmenting Network
  • Define Demilitarised Zones (DMZ)
  • Network Address Translation
  • Explain Firewalls
  • How to configure a Firewall?
  • The summary of Proxies and Gateways
  • Discuss Anti-malware Software
  • What is Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)?
  • The Weaknesses and Threats of a system
  • Security Fundamentals


CompTIA Network+ Certification Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
CompTIA Network+ Certification 4 days Cardiff
CompTIA Network+ Certification 4 days Manchester
CompTIA Network+ Certification 4 days Maidstone
CompTIA Network+ Certification 4 days Nottingham
CompTIA Network+ Certification 4 days Virtual
CompTIA Network+ Certification 4 days London
CompTIA Network+ Certification 4 days Virtual
CompTIA Network+ Certification 4 days Reading
CompTIA Network+ Certification 4 days Brighton
CompTIA Network+ Certification 4 days Milton Keynes

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