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Microsoft Office training courses from Maven Training equips delegates to effectively utilizes all the features of MS Office products, and make delegates prepared for Microsoft certifications. Our trainers are experienced and Certified. Microsoft Office is a combination of desktop applications that offer flexible and powerful ways to organize, manage, and present information. 

Whether Delegates are looking to expand the MS Office skills for personal use or embarking on a new career, Maven has the Microsoft Office training that delegates are looking for.

With this training for beginners to advanced users, Delegates can advance the skills they need to use features and functions of the MS Office, including MS Word, MS Access, MS Excel, and MS Project.

  • Discover how to work with budgets, timelines, and overcome scheduling issues

  • How to format a Gantt chart

  • Learn essential new skills for complex data projects

  • Find out how to into import data from Excel into your database

  • Handling the worksheets

  • Use templates

  • Learn the Excel 2016 interface

Microsoft Office Training Courses

Course Information

The different product of Microsoft Office will help improve work efficiency with user-friendly features that enable easy and secure information sharing. MS Office products offer resources for professional presentation of data that is compatible with most the operating systems.

It will include tools such as:

Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel is used globally for creating, updating and reviewing spreadsheets. One can access the sheet rapidly by using navigation and formulas. Understand the new features of updated versions of Excel with our highly experienced instructors.

Microsoft PowerPoint:

Delegates will use Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 to build the presentations. One will learn how to use some of the vast arrays of features and functionality contained within Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.

Microsoft Access:

Delegates will understand about how to create MS Access database, save it, then open it. We will demonstrate the simple ways to use Microsoft's powerful online help.

Microsoft Project:

This course will be taught by an expert trainer with an experience in project management. The trainers will help delegates to learn from the scratch to advance level. Delegates will start from small projects to gaining a complete hold and procedure of Project's abilities.

What is Microsoft Office Training?

Microsoft Office is a powerful set of tools that is used to create and format spreadsheets. The updated version has several new features which are helpful in increasing productivity. Microsoft Office Training Courses are available that are perfect for any profession as MS Office is the most used software program in every industry.

Why should I take Microsoft Office Training?

The organizations use Microsoft Office for various purposes. The MS Office Training is helpful for persons working in such environments. This Maven's training provides all the essential tools of MS Office. The candidates should attend this course to increase their knowledge.

What are the benefits of taking Microsoft Office Training?

Easily organize data by sorting and filtering and present it easily in several chart formats available. Delegates will learn to enter, organize, and link tasks, manage resources, build basic reports, and build projects individually.  Delegates will understand about how to create MS Access database, save it, then open it. Improve your career and open up more opportunities for employment.

Why Choose Maven Training?

Maven Training is one of the most active providers of this certification due to its high quality and economical price. Trusted by Professionals and industry leading brands. Our experienced trainers teach in the best way to clarify the concepts to delegates.

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