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The Microsoft Access Training is comprised of three courses

A product of Microsoft, Access 2016 is a database that is capable of handling small to medium databases. The Access 2016 is used as a default in small businesses. Microsoft Access is a Relational Database Management System which is made up of the relational Jet Database engine and a GUI (graphical user interface).

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What is Microsoft Access Training?

Access 2016 is a database application in the Microsoft Office suite. The database has improved much since its inception in the office suite. Microsoft Access can be used both as a back-end as well as a front-end. With Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase acting as the back-end, Microsoft Access 2016 can be used to design the front-end part. Access 2016 is capable of using more than one backend sources. Similarly, front-end applications such as Visual Basic, ASP.NET, or Visual Studio.NET can use the Microsoft Access database as the back-end. Microsoft Access can also be integrated with technologies such as Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and ActiveX controls.

Why should I take Microsoft Access Training?

During the Microsoft Access Training, a delegate learns how to create and design Microsoft Access databases. They also get to create and use tables, relationships, and queries. Another concept the delegates are made familiar is that of keys and constraints such as Primary Key, Unique Key, Alternate Key, Foreign Key, Null and Not Null Constraints, the Default Constraint etc.

Having learned the basics, the delegates move on to designing the front-end using Microsoft Acess. Here they are taught to first accept data using Forms in Access 2016 and thereafter develop or generate various kinds of reports. 

One of the most interesting features of Microsoft Access 2016 is its use of Macros to automate tasks. Those candidates who have a knowledge of Visual Basic for Applications can use that also for automating tasks.

What are benefits of Microsoft Access Training?

Access 2016 is having a better interface than its predecessor Access 2013. The major benefit a user gets is the ability of Access 2016 to generate apps for Microsoft SharePoint Server. Apps are nothing but smaller versions of the database which can be used on any device. Microsoft Access 2016 is a .Net friendly application and as such an easy choice for .Net developers. Access allows multiple users to work simultaneously. Importing data from other databases/storage types is very convenient.

Why choose Maven Training?

Maven is known as one of the best training providers delivering expertise in the required domain. Maven provides the delegates with experienced and certified instructors so that they can put up their queries and remove their doubts at any point in time during the course. Maven Training provides help even after the course.

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