Course Introduction

This Microsoft Access 2016 Intermediate course will teach delegate to design tables to enhance accuracy in data entry by setting default values, study the numerous options to share data with other Microsoft applications such as Word and Excel. Delegates will also learn Action Queries to automate updating, append and delete table data, and review many advanced query techniques such as using Join Query, Parameter queries, working with totals and Crosstab queries.

In this course, the delegate will increase knowledge related to the design of the relational database, write complex queries, structure existing data, validation of data entered into a database, and customise reports. Increase knowledge of MS Access 2016 will result in a robust, functional database for users. Delegates will also study how to automate task with Macros, advanced form techniques with the help of Tab controls, Conditional Formatting, Combo Box controls and Sub-Forms, and advanced report techniques using Sub-Reports, columns and insert charts.

  • Designing of Tables for Better Data Entry

  • Sharing Data with Other Applications

  • Working with Action Queries

  • Learn Advanced Query Techniques

  • Automation of Cyclic Processes with Macros

  • Advanced Forms

  • Understand Advanced Report Techniques

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The candidates must have attended the MS Access 2016 Intermediate.

What Will You Learn

  • Structure of the database file and its benefits
  • Understand how the menus and ribbons work
  • Save all your data in one place
  • Understanding about extracting only the information we want
  • Discover how having separate report formats reduces report preparation time
  • Learn how to build subtotals and do calculations easily
  • Learn the VBA Programming Language
  • Find how Access can work with Other MS Office applications
  • Designing of a relational database
  • Join tables to get data from unrelated tables
  • Validation of data entered into a database
  • Use advanced queries for manipulation of data
  • Know about linking of data back to Microsoft Excel sheets for distribution
  • View demonstrations of how Macros can be used to automate tasks
  • Customisation of reports to organise the displayed information and make specific print layouts
  • Understand about database relationships
  • Find how to work relationships of table
  • Learn to work with queries to get data
  • Handle forms at an advanced level
  • Manage reports at an advanced level
  • Understand about macros
  • Understand desktop application with the help of navigation form

Who should take this course

  • Users who want to take Access to the next step and improve their database design skills
  • Users who want to upgrade their skills related to MS Access 2016


This course is aimed to demonstrate the concepts such as reporting, form,  and macros. After the completion of the course, delegates will understand the structure of MS Access and feel comfortable moving around in the program. Once delegates understand the basic structure, the course will give practical demonstrations of how MS Access can be used to complete tasks related to the database. At the end, of course, one will have a very great idea to use Microsoft Access  2016 which will eventually boost your productivity.

Delegates will learn about working with select queries, review and work with numerous reports and reporting features of the MS Access, and review data entry forms and the several tools that go along with them. MS Access 2016 will also allow sharing of data with other Microsoft applications and one will also get to know about Automate the cyclic process with the help of macros. 



Course Content

Design a Relational Database using MS Access 2016

  • Design Relational Database Design
  • Build Table
  • Build Table Relationships

Join Tables

  • Create Query Joins
  • Relate Data Within a Table
  • Work with the Sub-datasheets

Data Validation

  • Use of Field Validation
  • Use of Form and Record Validation

Table Functions

  • Importing Data
  • Linking Tables from External Sources
  • Import Tables from other Databases
  • Tables from Templates and Application Parts
  • Importing Data from Excel
  • Exporting Data to Excel


  • Design View
  • Report Sections
    • Report Header
    • Understand Page Header
    • Group Header
    • Detail
    • Learn Group Footer
    • Page Footer
    • Understand Report Footer
    • Add a Report Header/Footer 
    • Add a Logo to the Report Header 
    • Add a Title to the Report Header 
    • Add Fields to a Report
    • Add Calculate Fields
  • Arrange Fields on a Report
  • Resize the Detail Section
    • Eliminate Repeat Headings
    • Set Margins
  • Group and Sort
  • Set Properties for a Report
    • Report Property Sheet
    • Object Property Sheet
    • Section Property Sheet
    • Add Record Counts
  • Special Report Fields
    • Dates
    • Page Numbering
  • Controls
    • Printing a Report
  • Sub-reports
  • Application Parts
  • Deletion of  a Report
  • Formatting of  a Report
    • Add a Background and Images
    • Apply a Theme
  • Create Reports


  • Design View
    • Form Sections
    • Add a Header and Footer 
    • Add a Logo to the Header 
    • Add a Title to the Header 
    • Add Fields to a Form
    • Arrange Fields on a Form
    • Spacing Objects on a Form
  • Format
  • Tab Order
  • Set Properties on a Form
  • Controls
  • Forms with Application Parts
  • Create a Subform
  • Alter a Form
    • Deleting Forms
    • Removing Form Controls
    • Formatting a Form

Advanced Queries

  • Parameter Queries
  • Summarize Data
  • Subqueries
  • Action Queries
  • Unmatched and Duplicate Queries


  • Macro Basics
    • Opening a Table, Form, and Report
    • Run a Query
    • Print a Report
  • Run a Macro
  • Create Simple Macros

Organising a Database for Efficiency

  • Data Normalization
  • Create a Junction Table
  • Improve Table Structure

Advanced Reporting Techniques in MS Access 2016

  • Include Control Formatting in a Report
  • Insert a Calculated Field to a Report
  • Insert a Sub-report to an Existing Report


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