Course Introduction

Microsoft Access 2016 Introduction training covers database concepts. In this training, delegates will understand how to design, build databases and tables, make forms and reports and apply the query to the tables to fetch results. Delegates will understand about how to create MS Access database, save it, then open it. We will demonstrate you simple ways to use Microsoft's powerful online help so that delegates can solve an issue related to the database.

This course will also cover skills one needed to personalise Access to achieve the tasks you want. Delegates will learn about concepts such as Ribbons and Toolbars that make MS Access tremendously flexible. Most of the today’s job roles involve some kind of data management. In the case of data workers, it may be their primary job task. For, e.g., such as data scientists and accountants, data management may be a strong factor of the job. This Course is useful for users such as sales clerks or those users who are in the skilled trades. It is an important fact of today’s world that virtually we all are affected in some way by the need to manage data.

  • Create tables and relationships

  • Navigate the MS Access 2016 interface

  • Learn essential new skills for complex data projects

  • Find out how to into import data from Excel into your database

  • Create, save and open the Microsoft Access 2016 database

  • Handle index fields

  • How to use backup and repair database

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There is no prerequisite for this course.

What Will You Learn

  • Understand vital concepts and terminologies of database
  • Explore about an Access interface
  • Learn to work with views of table views, forms, reports, queries, macros and modules
  • Know to plan a database
  • Learn database design fundamentals
  • Understand about forms and the Form Wizard
  • Find about reports and the Report Wizard

Who should take this course


  • Users new to the role of data management
  • Users want to learn data management and Microsoft Access
  • Users who are know to MS Access earlier versions and want to update their skills


In this introductory part of MS Access 2016 course, Delegates will be awared of various database concepts, terminologies and components. Delegates will explore the user interface of MS Access, build a basic database, create tables, reports, forms and make use of queries to get results, perform calculations with dates, fields, and numbers, navigate and work with tables and the several data types. It will also teach about working with select queries, review and work with numerous reports and reporting features of this application of Microsoft, and review data entry forms and the many tools that go along with them.

This course will give the delegates the essential knowledge to complete the Microsoft Access 2016 Intermediate course. At the starting of the course, the basics of database concepts and structure, and learn to build and customise tables to store data. Delegates will learn about relational databases, and see how you can use them to create forms, generation of reports, and searching for data with queries across a large number of records in many tables just a few clicks of our mouse. Delegates will also learn how to make use of macros to automate cyclic tasks and boost your efficiency.


Course Content

Getting Started with Access User Interface 

  • Access Ribbon
    • Overview of FILE
    • Save a Database as a Template
    • HOME
    • CREATE
    • Contextual Tabs
  • Overview of Quick Access Toolbar
  • Object Navigation Pane
  • Access Work Surface
  • Access Options Dialog Box
  • Object Overview
    • Define  Tables
    • Understand Queries
    • Know Forms
    • Reports
    • Learn about Macros and Modules
  • Process Overview
  • Build a Database with the help of Wizard


  • Basic questions
    • Purpose of the database
    • Users of the database
    • Kind of output we need
  • Approaches to Database Design
    • Top-Down
    • Bottom-Up
  • Gather Information
    • Data Mapping
    • Sample Data Map
  • Naming Conventions
  • Normalization
    • 1st NF
    • 2nd NF
    • 3rd NF
  • Table Relationships
    • Different types of Relationships
  • Normalizing Data

Query a Database

  • Build Basic Queries
  • Sorting and Filtering Data in a Query
  • Performing Calculations

Handle Forms

  • Build Basic Access Forms
  • Work with Data on Access Forms

Generate Reports

  • Build a Report
  • Add Controls to a Report
  • Improve an Appearance of a Report
  • Preparing a Report for Print
  • Organise Report Information
  • Format Reports


  • Building an Access Database
  • Build a New Database
  • Different Data Types
  • Determine Data Types
  • Create a Table in Design View
    • Deleting a Field
    • Renaming of a Table 
  • Create a Table in Design View

Handling Queries

  • Building Simple Queries
  • Learn Dynaset
  • Enter Criteria: Exact Match and Range Operators
  • Understand difference between AND versus OR
  • Use of Wild Cards
  • Learn about use Keywords
  • Sort and Hide Fields
  • Create Multi-Table Queries
  • Additional Tips


  • Forms
    • Definition and Purpose
    • Views
  • Alter a Form
  • Add Data Records in Form View
  • Form Record Navigation
  • View of layout
  • Designing of a View
  • One-Click Forms
    • Primary Data Entry Form
    • Primary Multi-Record Form
    • Datasheet Form
    • Split Form
  • Form Wizard
    • Create a Form with the Form Wizard 
  • Creating a Form with the Form Wizard


  • Overview of Reports
    • Define
    • Use
    • Views
    • One-Click Report
  • Reporting Wizard
    • Build a Report Using the Report Wizard 


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