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In this Introduction to MS Excel training course, Delegates will build and edit basic worksheets and workbooks. In this course delegates who want to increase the necessary skills to create, format, edit, and print basic Microsoft Excel worksheets.

It covers the main topics required by users, including the latest new features of this version, with lots of in-depth explanations, key questions, and step by step instructions.

Delegates will get tips on sorting and analysis of data, design custom charts and graphs, build links among files, create 3-D workbooks, and automate frequently repeated jobs with macros and buttons.

  • Know how to save an Excel spreadsheet file and the different file formats

  • Learn to use VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP

  • Find out how to use modern functions

  • Handling with date formats

  • Automation of Excel with templates

  • Transform numeric data into charts

Microsoft Excel Training Courses

Course Information

Delegates will also be taught the secrets about writing complex arithmetical formulas and discover how to make use of the function wizard to swiftly and automatically calculate statistics, loan payments, and more. 

This instructor-led training is conducted on the 2016 version of the software. Our instructor will point out the negligible differences between versions earlier exist. For our custom instructor-led training, we use the version of the software we use in our office.

To handle large datasets available and being build on a nearly continuous basis, as we all know data is becoming more critical and challenging with every passing day. We already know how to get Excel to do simple calculations and also how to modify workbooks and also worksheets to make them easy to read, and present to others.

What is Microsoft Excel Training?

An Updated version of MS Excel has many new features designed to get results quickly. Learn the common as well as advanced techniques of Excel including how to use math, logic, stats and text functions. MS Excel is an advanced tool that is used globally to create and format spreadsheets. Numerous Microsoft Excel Training Courses are available that are perfect for any profession as Excel is the most widely used application in every industry.

Why should I take Microsoft Excel Training?

Microsoft Excel Training Courses are perfect for professionals and provide an opportunity for employment and hike in Salary. For employees, it will always be beneficial to learn to use Excel perfectly because most of the jobs these days make use of it. Increase efficiency at workplace.

What are the benefits of taking Microsoft Excel Training?

Organise data easily by sorting and filtering and present it easily in several chart formats available. For our custom instructor-led training, we use the updated version of the software delegate’s use in your office. Enhance your career and increase opportunities for jobs.

Why Choose Maven Training?

Maven training is one of the most prominent providers of this training due to its high quality and economical price. Trusted by professionals and industry leading brands and largest training provider. Our well trained and experienced instructors teach in the best way to meet the demands of the professionals.

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