Course Introduction

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Intermediate course covers a variety of topics which includes issues related to Customising/Compatibility, Slide Masters, MS PowerPoint Sections, PowerPoint Themes plus manipulation and formatting of pictures, AutoShapes, and graphics. Delegates will learn how to make slide masters so that one can completely customize the look and feel of existing and upcoming presentations. The use of Themes will permit to change the whole look of the presentation with a few number of clicks, and you will learn how to customize designs the way you want them to look. It will help to understand the use and manipulate graphics within MS PowerPoint 2016. 

MS PowerPoint 2016 provides us with a range of tools that can help you deliver content in nearly every condition while saving time and effort. By taking benefit of these tools, you will be creating presentations that will keep you out from the crowd but also save your precious time. Delegates will understand how to customize the Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 application of MS Office, and efficiently build, secure, and distribute challenging multimedia presentations for a wide range of situations.

  • Learn about PowerPoint 2016 issues related customisation

  • Know about latest features of MS Powerpoint 2016

  • Understand about Applying Themes

  • Use PowerPoint 2016 Sections and Slide Masters

  • Learn modern techniques to manipulate images, graphics and AutoShapes

What's included


Tutor Support






Delegates should be able to do such tasks such as:

  • Opening of a presentation
  • Saving of a presentation
  • Printing of a presentation
  • Adding new slides to the previous one
  • Start a slideshow
  • Reordering of the slides
  • Apply basic text formatting
  • Know to use Spell-Check feature

What Will You Learn

  • Learn how to edit themes and templates
  • Identifying how to enrich information visually with the help of graphics
  • Defining ways to enhance and editing of objects
  • Insert SmartArt and mathematical equations to a presentation
  • Recall how to organise and prepare the final presentation
  • Modify Presentions the PowerPoint environment
  • Handling media
  • Handle Animations
  • Understand the steps to build and use animations
  • Recall how to organise and prepare the final presentation
  • Modify Presentions the PowerPoint environment
  • Customisation design templates
  • Modify Presentions the PowerPoint environment
  • Customise a slide show
  • Secure and distribute a presentation

Who should take this course

  • Managers
  • Accountants
  • Engineering Graduates
  • Users who want to upgrade their skills


The course will make delegates to demonstrate the ability to use a presentation application to present their content to other in much graphical form. Delegates will be able to complete common operations with graphics and charts. In the course MS PowerPoint 2016 Intermediate, Delegate will learn to add additional objects such as graphics, and audio into the slides of presentations, tables, SmartArt graphics, charts,  audio and video, and to edit them. Delegates will learn to organize slides, divide them into units and move them even between presentations. Delegates will study the presentation themes in details, customize their properties of the previous ones. Delegates will learn to insert a footer to the slides and also customize the slide master. One will also compare two presentations and will take a look at the work with the help of comments.

Delegates will learn how to manage and work with PowerPoint slides with good and proper text formatting that will keep your audience focused during the time of presentation delivery. Delegates will also know how to add suitable graphics to your presentation with the help of theme colors, images, and backgrounds when we used suitably. Also, It will teach how to improve your presentation with MS PowerPoint 2016 that offers better control over the animation.



Course Content

Fundamentals of MS PowerPoint 2016

  • Inserting Slides and Deleting Slides
  • Selecting a Layout
  • Navigating of a Presentation           
  • Organising a Presentation           
  • Presentations Review

Insert and Edit Text

  • Adding Text
  • Adding a Text Box
  • Editing Text
  • Moving and Copying Text
  • Controlling How Text is Moved or Copied
  • Collecting Multiple Items to Move or Copy
  • Using Undo, Redo and Repeat
  • Checking Your Spelling
  • Finding and Replacing Text
  • Inserting Symbols and Special Characters
  • Adding Equations
  • Inserting and Editing Text Review          

Modifying the PowerPoint Environment

  • Customise the User Interface
  • Set PowerPoint 2016 Options

Customising Design Templates

  • Edit Slide Masters and Slide Layouts
  • Add Headers and Footers
  • Edit the Notes Master and the Handout Master

Adding SmartArt and Arithmetic Equations

  • Build SmartArt
  • Modify SmartArt
  • Write Arithmetic Equations

Handling Media and Animations

  • Insert Audio to a Presentation
  • Insert Video to a Presentation
  • Customise Animations and Transitions

View a Presentation Changing Views

  • Use the Zoom Controls
  • Use the Outline Pane
  • Work with the Presentation Window
  • Work with Multiple Presentations
  • View a Presentation Review

Format Presentation

  • Using Document Themes
  • Alter the background of a Slide
  • Reordering of Slides           
  • Add Headers/Footers
  • Use of the Slide Master
  • Work with Bulleted and Numbered Lists
  • Format Paragraphs
  • Working with Tabs and Indents
  • Changing Page Setup
  • Formatting a Presentation Review

Collaborating on a Presentation

  • Review a Presentation
  • Store and Share Presentations on the Web

Handling Tables

  • Create a Table
  • Adjusting Column Width and Row Height
  • Insert and Delete Rows and Columns
  • Merge and Splitting Cells
  • Work with Borders and Shading
  • Apply a Table Style
  • Work with Tables Review

Working with Charts and SmartArt

  • Inserting a Chart
  • Inserting Chart Data
  • Resizing and Moving a Chart
  • Changing Chart Type
  • Formatting a Chart
  • Working with Labels
  • Formatting Chart Elements
  • Creating a Chart Template
  • Add SmartArt to presentation        
  • Working with SmartArt Elements
  • Formatting SmartArt
  • Converting Slide Text into SmartArt
  • Working with Charts and SmartArt Review

Applying Transition and Animation Effects

  • Using a Transition Effect
  • Modifying a Transition Effect
  • Using an Animation Effect
  • Editing Animation Effects
  • Using Transition and Animation Effects Review

Customising a Slide Show

  • Annotate a Presentation
  • Set Up a Slide Show
  • Create a Custom Slide Show
  • Add Hyperlinks and Action Buttons
  • Record a Presentation

Finalising a Presentation

  • Creating a Slide Show
  • Rehearsing Slide Show Timings
  • Adding Comments to a Slide
  • Hiding a Slide
  • Concluding a Presentation Review

Delivering a Presentation

  • Deliver Presentation on a Computer
  • Using the Laser Pointer, Pen, and Making Annotations
  • Using Presenter View

Distribute a Presentation

  • Create a VCD or DVD
  • Add Security


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