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The Microsoft Word Training is comprised of three courses

A product of Microsoft, Word 2016 is an editor that is capable of handling almost all a user would need from an editor. Microsoft Word 2016 is used as a default editor almost everywhere nowadays.

The Microsoft Word Training does not require any special prerequisite and even a school going child can easily learn to use this word processor.

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What is Microsoft Word Training?

Microsoft Word is a word processor from Microsoft who are ranked No.1 in software development. The application has various features that allow its users to edit documents and even print merged documents as a single document. Users can search for synonyms (and antonyms), spell-check their text, generate a table of contents and use macros for automating tasks. Users also have the options for creating tables and inserting graphs into the Word documents.

Why should i take Microsoft Word Training?

Microsoft Word training helps the delegates develop their Microsoft Word skills so that they are able to make the most of this industry standard application. All of our Microsoft Word classes are taught by Microsoft Certified Trainers. During this training, they learn advanced skills in using and working with Microsoft Word 2016.The delegates learn to design and Manage advanced documents. They also become proficient with Mail Merge. Among other things they also learn to work with Citations and Bibliographies.

The delegates during the course become familiar with using templates, themes, building block, and styles. Enhanced options that the delegates learn during the course include table of contents, table of authorities, and indexes.

What are benefits of taking Microsoft Word Training?

Microsoft Word 2016 has various features because of which it has benefits over other word processors. Some of the benefits include:

  • Usage of SmartArt: The usage of SmartArt in a document makes the document look smart and pleasing.
  • Charts: Users can display their data in graphical forms rather than text through the use of Graphs just like they do in Excel.
  • Hyperlinks: Hyperlinks in a Word document can act as jumpers to quickly move to another part of a big document.
  • Watermarks: Can be inserted in official documents to secure them.
  • Mail Merge: A great option that is useful in merging static and dynamic content into a single document. The document can then be printed or dispatched by mail as well.
  • Cover Pages: Microsoft Word provides Cover Pages for the document which can be customised also. A document having a cover page looks more presentable.

Why choose Maven Training?

Maven is known as one of the best training providers delivering expertise in the required domain. All the trainers/ instructors are certified and have practical experience in their field. As such, the delegates get the best support while at Maven. Maven provides the delegates with experienced and certified instructors so that they can put up their queries and remove the doubts at any point in time during the course. Maven Training provides help even after the course.

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