Course Introduction

This one day course meant for beginners who wish to gain knowledge about Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word was launched a long time back for the first time when Microsoft Windows 95 came into being. Since then Microsoft has come up with various versions of Microsoft Office Suite and its components. Microsoft Word has the popular versions Word 95, Word 97, Word 2003, Word 2010, Word 2013 and Word 2016 although there were versions of Microsoft Word since 1989. Though the latest version around is Word 2016, this course deals with Microsoft Word 2013. A list of the different versions of Microsoft Word is given below:

  • Word for Windows 1.0
  • Word for Windows 1.1
  • Word for Windows 1.1a
  • Word for Windows 2.0
  • Word for Windows 6.0
  • Word for Windows 95 Part Of Office 95
  • Word 97 Part Of Office 97
  • Word 98 Part of Office 97
  • Word 2000 Part Of Office 2000
  • Word 2002 Part Of Office XP
  • Word 2003 Part Of Office 2003
  • Word 2007 Part Of Office 2007
  • Word 2010 Part Of Office 2010
  • Word 2013 Part Of Office 2013
  • Word 2016 Part Of Office 2016
  • Learn to edit documents using the most popular Word Processor

  • Get acquainted to a new User Interface

  • Use Microsoft Word 2013 for ‘Reading’

  • Learn to Zoom In and Zoom Out

  • Learn from Microsoft Experienced Instructors

What's included






Tutor Support


Tutor Support


Key Learning Points


No prerequisites are required to attend this course.

What Will You Learn

On finishing the course, the delegates will become familiar with the concepts listed below:

  • Get Familiar With The User Interface
  • Creating Document
  • Use The Ribbon
  • The File Menu
  • Use The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Formatting A Word Document
  • Editing documents
  • Finalizing Microsoft Word Documents
  • New Features of Microsoft Word 2013

Who should take this course

  •  The candidates who are working with documents can attend this course.
  • The delegates should just have a basic knowledge of working with computers.


Microsoft Word 2013 is a word processing application which was released in January 2013 and will continue to extend support until April 2023. The Word 2013 application helps to create a different type of documents such as letters, flyers, and reports. Users can create professional documents such as resumes, newsletters etc. using Microsoft Word 2013. Microsoft Word 2013 has various new features that help to create and work together on documents online. Microsoft Word 2013 helps the user to work with more media types than before. It has become a lot easier to align objects and text in Word 2013 using the alignment guides.

A live preview of the document is useful while resizing and moving photos and shapes in documents. Templates and Recently viewed documents are also a great help as a part of Microsoft Word 2013. One of the best features perhaps of Word 2013 is the easy conversion of documents into PDF files making them read-only documents. Word 2013 is similar to its predecessor and as such a delegate who has used 2010 would feel familiar with Word 2013. For those who have more familiarity with earlier versions may take some time to become familiar with the Word 2013 interface.



Course Content

  • The User Interface
    • The Ribbon
    • The Mini Toolbar
    • The Quick Access Toolbar
    • Navigation Pane
  • Creating A Document
    • Starting Microsoft Word.
    • Creating Microsoft Word Documents.
    • Using Save and Save As to Save Documents.
    • The Status Bar.
    • Closing Documents in Microsoft Word.
  • Using The Ribbon
    • Learn to use and create tabs.
    • Learn to use and create groups.
    • Learn about Microsoft Word commands.
    • Grouping commands into tabs.
  • The File Menu
    • Learn about the Backstage view.
    • Open a document in Microsoft Word.
    • Create New Documents.
    • Create Documents from templates.
    • Print a document.
    • Personalizing Microsoft Word.
  • Using The Quick Access Toolbar
    • Adding commands to the Quick Access Toolbar.
    • Moving the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Formatting A Word Document
    • Playing Around With Fonts in Microsoft Word documents.
      • Changing Font Name and Size
      • Changing Font Colours
      • Apply Font Styles
      • Clearing and Copying Formats
    • Formatting Paragraphs
      • Align Paragraphs
      • Change Line and Paragraph Spacing
      • Change Indentation
      • Set Tab Stops
      • Apply Borders and Shading
      • Apply Bullets
    • Working with lists.
    • Applying Styles.
    • Use the Ruler.
    • Setting margins.
  • Editing documents
    • Select Text in Word Documents
      • Learn To Select The Following:
        • A Word
        • A Line
        • A Paragraph
        • A Document
      • Using Find to earch text.
      • Using Find and Replace to replace on or all words.
      • Differentiate between Undo and Redo Commands
      • Cut, Copy, Paste
      • Learn to use the Format Painter .
    • Finalizing Microsoft Word Documents
      • Adding Page Numbers to Headers or Footers
      • Customizing Headers and Footers.
      • Find and correct spelling mistakes.
      • Find and correct grammar mistakes.
      • Learn to use the Thesaurus in Microsoft Word
    • Print and Print Preview A Word Document
    • Get Assistance from Microsoft Word
      • Using The File-> Help Option
      • By Pressing The F1 Function Key
    • New Features of Microsoft Word 2013
      • Use Read Mode.
      • Use the Object Zoom Feature.
    • Exiting Word
      • From The File Menu
      • Using Shortcut


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