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Original SQL Server was developed in 1980 by Sybase to run on microcomputer platform and UNIX systems. Later on Microsoft, leading PC databases vendor teamed up with Ashton-Tate to produce the first version of Microsoft SQL Server which was released in 1989. Ashton-Tate stepped out, but Microsoft and Sybase continued until 1994 then Microsoft alone developed SQL Server for its operating systems.

Microsoft SQL Server is a product developed by Microsoft used to store and manage information. SQL Server is a “Relational Database Management System” (RDBMS) and also an “Object Relational Database Management System” (ORDBMS). It is platform dependent so it can run either on the same computer or across the network. The data is stored inside SQL Server which is located in “Relational Database” and it is an entire management system not only a database. SQL stands for Structured Query Language which is a product of IBM and a case insensitive language. SQL is used to manage as well as administer SQL Server database. SQL Server is a both Graphical User Interface (GUI) and command based software.

SQL Server supports a variety of functions like transaction processing, analytics applications, and business intelligence in IT environment. Along with Oracle Database and IBM’s DB2, it is also one of the leading databases. Just like other Relational Database software’s, SQL Server is also based on SQL for managing database and querying data. With the help of this SQL Server create and maintain databases, analyze data through SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and generate reports through SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

In this Maven Training’s Microsoft SQL training delegates will cover the following courses:

  • Gain the skills required to establish, manage and analyse SQL Server database

  • Learn to develop applications and work with SQL Server

  • Gain certification and work as database administrators, designers or analysts

  • Enhance earning potential because a large part of organisations is involved in data storage and retrieval

  • Build and maintain SQL Server databases and gain meaningful insight into enterprise data with SQL Server training

  • Develop robust databases, Transact-SQL applications and also understand concepts of data warehousing

  • Get insight into SQL server and make smarter business decisions

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What should I take Microsoft SQL?

Take Maven Training’s Microsoft SQL courses to gain knowledge to a new level. IT professionals and Developers can take this course to learn how to deploy and manage database solutions, migrate to the cloud, understand reporting features and see how SQL Server collaborates with other software like SharePoint, etc.

The big or large organizations have a database for its management. SQL Server developers are required in high demand by different organizations, so enroll into Microsoft SQL Courses and step up in a career.

Gain the certification and take advantage of Microsoft SQL Server for better performance, advanced security, drive hybrid cloud strategy and faster data insights.

What are the benefits of Microsoft SQL?

Just like other Microsoft products, Microsoft SQL Server comes with many advantages:

  • One click user-friendly installation and contains all characteristics
  • Microsoft SQL Server contains excellent features and encryption capabilities which result in improved data storage and data retrieval functions
  • Contain sophisticated encryption algorithms and make it impossible to crack security layers implemented by the user
  • SQL Server is available in multiple editions to meet the needs of the corporate
  • Contains essential features which allow delegates to recover and restore the lost or damaged data
  • Using advanced recovery tools to recover the complete database
  • Transform data into actionable insights and deliver it on any device whether online or offline
  • Within SQL Server database analyze data directly by making use of R programming which is a popular statistics language
  • Provide a consistent platform which makes easier to shift workload between datacenter, private cloud, and Microsoft Azure

Why choose Maven Training?

Maven Training is the best training providers of Microsoft SQL Server courses and delivers best quality training. Our well qualified and highly experienced Microsoft Certified trainers help delegates to understand each concept of SQL Server thoroughly and make use of it in real time. Instructors make use of best practices and real-world examples. Delegates will get full support from our instructors. Prepare well for the examination and gain the certification. Maven Training assists delegates how to make use of learned skills and grow in career.

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