Course Introduction

In Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases (M20462), the delegates will get the knowledge and skills required to maintain a Microsoft SQL Server 2014. The course mainly focuses on teaching delegates how to use SQL Server 2014 features and tools for the maintenance of a SQL Server database.

It is intended for delegates who are interested in learning SQL Server 2012 or 2014. This course covers new features in SQL Server 2014 and also accomplish SQL Server data platform.

  • Learn skills required to manage Microsoft SQL Server 2014

  • Develop an understanding of core concepts of SQL Server Database Administration

  • Get trained by our highly experienced Microsoft Certified Trainers

  • More career opportunities at organization level

  • Work efficiently as a Database Administrator

  • Gain the certification and get a hike in salary

  • Maven training offers this course at an affordable price

What's included


Key Learning Points


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  • The delegate should possess basic knowledge of Windows Operating system and its core functionality
  • Knowledge of Transact-SQL and relational databases
  • The experience of design of the database

What Will You Learn

  • Understand about core Database Administration tasks and tools
  • Learn to install and configure SQL Server 2014
  • Efficiently configure SQL Server Databases and Storage
  • Understand how to plan and implement a backup strategy
  • Restore databases from backups
  • Quickly import and export data
  • Monitor and maintain SQL Server
  • Trace activity of SQL Server
  • Understand about SQL Server security to make it more secure
  • Encrypt data and Audit data access
  • Perform maintenance of the ongoing database
  • Automate maintenance of SQL Server with SQL Server Agent jobs
  • Configure database mail, notifications and alerts

Who should take this course

  • The primary audience for Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases (M20462) course is those delegates who administer and maintain SQL Server databases
  • Database professionals who manage and maintain SQL Server database as their primary area of responsibility
  • Delegates who work in an environment where databases play a significant role in their main work
  • Other delegates who can enrol in this course are who develop applications which deliver content from SQL Server Databases


In this Maven training Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases (M20462) course, get the complete knowledge to handle Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or 2014. It focuses on central concepts of database administration like storage of data, backup and restoration, learn to import and export data, database security and maintenance as well as SQL Server Agent.

It also covers the latest features of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 and learn to implement these elements across SQL Server data platform. This course is taught by our Microsoft Certified Trainers that follow the Microsoft Curriculum. Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases (M20462) course covers the whole skills and knowledge measured required at the workplace to got more exposure.


Course Content

Introduction to SQL Server 2014 database administration

In this module get knowledge about Microsoft SQL Server platform. Also, understand about components. Editions and versions of SQL Server 2014 and other tasks that database administrator perform for SQL Server.

  • Overview of Database Administration
  • Introduction to SQL Server Platform
  • Database Management Tools and Techniques

Install and configure SQL Server 2014

In this learn to assess resource requirements for SQL Server 2014 and how to fix it.

  • Plan SQL Server installation
  • Install SQL Server 2014
  • Post installation configuration

Working with Database and Storage

In this understand how data is stored in the database and how to develop the database. Other is how to manage and move the databases. Other tasks are like storing, managing the temp DB database and using fast storage devices to extend SQL Server bullet pool caches are also discussed in this module.

  • Introduction to Data Storage with SQL Server
  • Manage storage for system databases
  • Manage storage for user databases
  • Move databases files
  • Configure buffer pool extension

Plan and Implement a Backup Strategy

  • Understand SQL Server Recovery Models
  • Plan Backup strategy
  • Backup Databases and Transaction Logs
  • Use Backup options
  • Ensure Backup Reliability

Restore SQL Server 2014 Databases

In this know how to restore user and system databases and ways to implement point in time recovery.

  • Understand restore process
  • Restore databases
  • Advanced restore scenarios
  • Work with point in time recovery

Import and Export data

In this delegates will explore tools and techniques so that delegate can import and export data to and from SQL Server.

  • Introduction to Transferring Data
  • Import and Export Table Data
  • Copy or Move a Database

Monitor SQL Server 2014

This module explains in brief how to use commonly used tools like Activity Monitor, Dynamic management functions and views (DMF’s and DVM’s) as well as a performance monitor.

  • Introduction to Monitoring SQL Server
  • Dynamic management functions and views
  • Performance monitor

Tracing SQL Server 2014

In this learn how to use SQL Profiler and SQL Trace store procedures for information capture about SQL Server. Also, learn how to troubleshoot and optimise SQL Server workloads.

  • Tracing SQL Server Security
  • Using Traces

Manage SQL Server Security

In this learn about core concepts on which SQL Server Security architecture is based and learn to manage security at server and database level.

  • Introduction to SQL Server Security
  • Manage Server level security
  • Manage Database Level Principle
  • Manage Database Permissions

Auditing Data Access and Encrypting Data

It describes present options for doing auditing in SQL Server, learns to use and manage SQL Server audit feature and to implement encryption.

  • Audit Data Access in SQL Server
  • Implement SQL Server Audit

Performing Ongoing Database Maintenance

It describes common database tasks for maintenance that Database Administrator must perform and also tell how to automate these tasks by making use of maintenance plans.

  • Ensure Database Integrity
  • Maintaining Indexes
  • Automate Routine Database Maintenance

Automate SQL Server 2014 Management

In this module learn how to use SQL Server Agent to automate jobs, configure security contexts for jobs and ways to implement multi-server jobs.

  • Automate SQL Server Management
  • Perform SQL Server Agent jobs
  • Manage SQL Server Agent jobs
  • Manage Job Step Security contexts
  • Manage Jobs on Multiple servers

Monitor SQL Server 2014 by using Alerts and Notifications

It covers configuration of database mail, alerts and notifications.

  • Monitor SQL Server Errors
  • Configure Database Mail
  • Configure operators, Alerts and Notifications


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