Course Introduction

Maven training’s Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server (M20463) course helps delegates to understand about Data Warehouse Platform application methods for supporting Business Intelligence solutions. This course focuses mainly on techniques to create a Data Warehouse with Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014. The candidates will learn about using SQL Server Data Quality Services and SQL Server Master Data Services. They will understand how to implement ETL with SQL Server Integration Services.

This course is primarily intended for delegates who are interested in acquiring skills in SQL Server 2014. It covers complete new features of SQL Server 2014 and also necessary skills across SQL Server data platform.

  • Database administrators and other IT professionals learn to implement Data Warehouse for supporting Business Intelligence

  • Efficiently handle data with SQL Server Data Quality Services

  • Maven training offers this course at an affordable price

  • Get the knowledge to develop SSIS packages to extract, load and transform information

  • Our well qualified and Microsoft Certified trainers will help you prepare for the exam

  • Tutors will provide key learning points and support

  • Gain the certification after clearing the exam

  • Excel more in your field and gain more exposure

What's included


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Delegates who want to attend this course must meet the following prerequisites:

At least two years’ experience of working with relational Databases including:

  • Normalized database designing
  • Create relationships and tables
  • With Transact-SQL perform querying
  • Knowledge about basic programming constructs like looping and branching
  • Delegates must also possess knowledge about key business priorities such as gains, financial account, and revenue
  • If delegates possess Querying with Microsoft SQL Server 2014 certification, it would be beneficial

What Will You Learn

  • Describe concepts of Data Warehouse and its architecture
  • Select suitable hardware platform for the data warehouse
  • Implement and design a Data Warehouse
  • Implement Data Flow and Control Flow in an SSIS package
  • Learn to Debug and Troubleshoot SSIS packages
  • Understand to Implement ETL solution that supports incremental data extraction and loading
  • Learn to apply data cleansing with the help of Microsoft Quality Services
  • To enforce data integrity implement Master Data Services
  • With custom components and scripts extend SSIS
  • Learn to deploy and configure SSIS packages
  • Understand how business intelligence solutions can consume data from the data warehouse

Who should take this course

The course is proposed for Database Administrators. The major responsibilities of Database Administrator include:

  • Implementation of data warehouse
  • Using Master Data Services to enforce Data integrity
  • Using Data Quality Services to cleanse the data
  • Transformation and loading develop SSIS packages for extracting data


This Maven training course follows Microsoft Learning curriculum. To understand thoroughly the concepts of this course delegates must already possess knowledge about Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2014. Our well qualified and Microsoft Certified Trainers help delegates to understand each concept thoroughly by providing key learning points and real world examples. Learn with Maven training and gain certification at the end after clearing the exam.


Course Content

Introduction to Data Warehousing

In this get an introduction to principal components of Data Warehousing Solution and other important considerations that delegate must take into account while starting on a Data Warehousing Project.

  • Overview of Data Warehousing
  • Considerations for Data Warehouse solution

Data Warehouse Hardware Considerations

In this get review for selecting hardware and distributing SQL Server facilities across servers.

  • Considerations for building Data Warehouse
  • Data Warehouse Reference Appliances and Architectures

Design and implement a Data Warehouse

This module describes primary factors for the logical design of data warehouse and then best practices for implementing it physically.

  • Logical design for Data Warehouse
  • Physical design for Data Warehouse

Creating an ETL Solution with SSIS

In this learn about considerations for implementing ETL process and then focus integration services of Microsoft SQL Server that act as a platform for building ETL solutions.

  • Introduction to ETL with SSIS
  • Explore data sources
  • Implement data flow

Implement control flow in SSIS package

It describes how to apply these ETL solutions that combine multiple workflow logic and tasks.

  • Introduction to control flow
  • Create Dynamic packages
  • Using containers
  • Consistency management

Debug and troubleshoot SSIS packages

In this module learn how to debug SSIS packages for finding the cause of errors that occur during execution. Understand about logging functionality to log events for troubleshooting and learn about various approaches to handling errors in control and data flow.

  • Debug an SSIS package
  • Logging events of SSIS package
  • Handle errors in SSIS package

Implementing Incremental ETL process

It describes techniques to perform an additional Data Warehouse refresh process.

  • Introduction to Incremental ETL
  • Extracting modified data
  • Loading modified data

Enforce Data Quality

  • Introduction to Data Quality
  • Using Data Quality Service to cleanse data
  • Using Data Quality services to match data

Using Master Data Services

Master data services provide a way for organisations to improve quality, trust and consistency of data and standardise data that guides major business decisions. It also explains the benefits of using Master Data Services.

  • Master Data Services Concepts
  • Implement a Master Data Service Model
  • Manage master data
  • Create Master Data Hub

Extending SQL Server Integration services

This module describes techniques delegates can use to extend SSIS. It provides awareness of basic steps required to use custom components and scripts in ETL process which is based on SSIS.

  • Use scripts in SSIS
  • Using custom components in SSIS

Deploying and configuring SSIS packages

In this learn to use packages and their dependencies to the server and how to manage as well as monitor execution of used packages.

  • SSIS deployment overview
  • Deploy SSIS projects
  • Plan SSIS package execution

Consuming Data in Data Warehouse

It introduces business intelligence (BI) and describes how to use Data Warehouse as the basis for self-service and enterprise Business Intelligence (BI).

  • Introduction to business intelligence
  • Introduction to reporting
  • Introduction to Data Analysis


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