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In Windows Server Training, learn to design, implement, configure and manage Windows server. Gain the skills required to support business and achieve MCSA certification. Also, learn to apply more security to data and manage Windows-based servers remotely. Learn from Windows Server experts and gain the skills required to handle Windows Server. Our Windows Server courses cover topics like virtualization, storage capabilities, networking and much more.

Windows Server is a core of Microsoft cloud vision which merges cloud infrastructure with entire enterprise. Gain in-depth knowledge of latest Windows server tools for performing deployment tasks on Windows Server. Take the first step towards MCSA certification by enrolling into windows server training.

Under Windows Server Training, the following courses are included:                                

  • Master Windows Server technology

  • Deeply understand about virtualization, storage and network management

  • Gain the required knowledge to flourish in a career

  • Cover previous and latest versions of Windows Server

  • Gain certifications like MCSA and MCSE

  • Course developed by Microsoft Windows Server Certified and highly experienced instructors

  • Maven Training offers this course at an affordable price

Windows Server Courses

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Why should I take Windows Server?

Learn to make use of Windows Server to manage infrastructure in a cost effective way and deliver high performance. Organisations are shifting to cloud infrastructure and deploying Windows Server to take advantage of virtualization, networking, storage and data protection to provide better services. It helps in reducing IT costs and enhances business value. These courses are mainly intended for those delegates who wish to work as network or system administrators and hence excel in career.

What are the benefits of Windows Server?

During this Windows Server Training, learns to install, configure and implement Windows Server infrastructure. Quickly deploy and administer active directory domain services. Also, learn to apply file services and its corresponding updates. Access Windows server remotely and implement other features. Add value to your resume by gaining windows server certification.

Why choose Maven Training?

At Maven Training our well trained, experienced and certified instructors try their best to explain all the concepts thoroughly.  The course is developed by Microsoft Windows Serve certified instructors. Dedicated 24/7 support available and get support from our instructors also. Flexible learning pattern to meet your requirements. Courses are offered at a competitive price.

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