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Oracle offers IT products and services which are recognized and revered throughout the world. The Oracle Training provides many Oracle Certifications for professionals who want to excel on the corporate ladder. From database management systems to enterprise software applications such as ERP, CRM, and SCM.

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What is Oracle Training Courses?

Oracle provides integrated technology solutions ranging from applications to disk. They address complex application as well as systems integration requirements across different enterprise environments. The Oracle Training includes the Oracle 11g DBA, Oracle 12c Introduction to Oracle and Oracle 12c DBA. It also includes the Release 12.2c Oracle Business E-suite Fundamental course. The candidates need to be well versed in writing SQL queries and using PL/SQL packages before they adventure into the land of the Database Administrators. The DBA concepts covered during this training include performing Backup and Recovery with and without Flashback technique. The delegates also learn the various data dictionaries, the virtual tables, and views that store object related data during the different stages of a database. The DBA is also taught how to start and stop the database in different modes and what is the purpose and effect of those modes.

Oracle 11g

Oracle 12c

Why should i take Oracle Training Courses?

The following are reasons good enough to take an Oracle Training:

  • Technology is changing with every passing day. To keep up with changes a certification is a must and if you plan to take up a job managing databases, then nothing like an Oracle Certification.
  • The Oracle Certification is the top most certification of the world and as such is bound to add value to your resume and career.
  • An Oracle Certified resume makes the candidates stand out among the rest of the lot.
  • A candidate can sit for the course at any time as these courses are available online also. The candidates can access them 24x7.
  • A certification from a reputed technical giant helps in securing a job.

What are the benefits of Oracle Training Courses?

By obtaining an Oracle Certification, the candidates get the following advantages:

  • An Oracle certification increases the knowledge base of the candidates and validates the skills they have earned during the certification such that prospective employers jump at their resume.
  • The certification not only increases the knowledge and skills but also the potential salaries of the candidates.
  • Many complex, hands-on activities through lab, study and practice sessions done during the course prepare the candidates for the tasks they may face while they are
  • Access a secure digital badge you can add to your social media profiles
  • Gain exposure to a wide variety of important features, functions and tasks to use on the job

Why choose Maven Training?

Maven is known as one of the best training providers delivering expertise in the required domain. Delegates prefer to train at Maven Training because of various reasons. Maven Training is known as the best training Provider in all domains. The delegates have imparted the knowledge at Maven Training from Certified Trainers / Instructors who also have Practical Experience. We offer best price and services in the industry as we value money.

Interactive sessions during the course help remove the delegates doubts and make them ready to solve any problems they may face – theoretically or practically.

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